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NanLT: The Biography of an Energy Healer

Updated on September 2, 2014

Monument Rocks in Western Kansas

In Kansas you can see into forever
In Kansas you can see into forever | Source

Growing up in Kansas

Nan was born in Emporia, Kansas (USA) back in 1966. She is the third of 4 children and the only girl. Her parents divorced when she was 10 years old and she lived with her mother until graduating high school at age 18.

Until age 12, Nan lived in a small Kansas town. One which had the distinction of not being famous for anything. There were no shoot outs, no saloons, no high school football heroes who went on to become Hollywood legends.

But, it was here where a young girl used to climb out her bedroom window in the middle of the night, sit on the roof of the porch, and silently watch the stars. It is here where she first began questioning what she was told, and what she really believed. And, it is here that she first realised that her one goal in life was to grow up to be a healer.

Sue Barton, Student Nurse

Sue Barton Student Nurse (Sue Barton, Volume 1)
Sue Barton Student Nurse (Sue Barton, Volume 1)

Sue Barton, Student Nurse is a fun and engaging story of a young girl who leaves home to enter nursing school. This book follows Sue during her first year as a probationary student and then as a nursing student when she wins her cap. Here she meets up with her best friends (and general partners in crime) Connie and Kit and we are first introduced to intern and romantic interest, Dr Barry.


She Decided to be a Nurse

Nan didn't immediately say to herself, "I'm going to be a healer." Her first step towards this goal was the decision to become a nurse. By age 10, she had read all of the books for young girls written about nursing, and all of the entries about nursing in the set of encyclopedias kept on a shelf at home.

She had also written letters to the offices for the National League for Nursing, telling them of her dream of becoming a nurse.

Nan's entire focus from that moment onwards was to become a nurse, and in 1984, after consideration of the various schools offering a degree in nursing, she enrolled as a freshman student at a local university. On her application for the nursing program, she was asked the question "What will you do if you are not accepted into this program?" and she wrote "If I am not accepted, I will do nothing because becoming a nurse is all I have ever wanted to do."

In the following sophomore year she was accepted into that university's nursing program. She graduated in December 1988 and started her very first job as a nurse a few weeks later.

Healing Hands

Healing Hands
Healing Hands | Source

Discovering Energy Healing Techniques

The nursing program that Nan attended based its curriculum and teaching around the work of nursing theorist, Martha E Rogers, PhD. As part of the program, students were introduced to ideas such as Therapeutic Touch and energy healing. Dr Rogers' Theory of Universal Human Beings had a profound influence on Nan's developing nursing career.

After graduating from university with a bachelor of science in nursing, Nan found her first job working on a 48-bed medical telemetry unit in a local hospital. She was there until 1992 when she accepted a position at another local hospital, this time working as a nurse in the critical care unit.

Nan had been exploring alternative religions and spiritual beliefs for several years by this time, and it was during one chance encounter at a local New Age shop that Nan first heard of Reiki. She was invited to take a Reiki, Level 1 class on the subject, and thinking it sounded interesting, decided to give it a go.

Three months later, she took the second level course to become a Reiki Practitioner.

Nan began to incorporate what she had learned as a Reiki Practitioner into her nursing practice. She gained a reputation for having patients who were calmer, slept better, and often needed less pain medication. Other nurses would ask her to do Reiki on their patients especially when they weren't able to receive drugs to help them sleep or relieve pain. Nan also provided Reiki to her co-workers, and they too were pleased with the results.

Over time, Nan began using Reiki more intuitively, and she developed methods for extracting stagnated energies and removing blockages to energy flows in the body.

In 1998, Nan continued her training in Reiki and became attuned as a Reiki Master-Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.

Energy Mandala, created using Silk Wave
Energy Mandala, created using Silk Wave | Source

Onward to London

Up until 1998, Nan had lived her entire life in Eastern Kansas. That all changed when she became engaged to marry an Englishman, and moved herself and her then 9 year old son to live in SE London.

While she did consider working as a nurse in the UK, both Nan and her new husband knew they wanted children, and both agreed she should be able to stay home to take care of them.

Nan continued learning and doing healing work as a Reiki Master-teacher however. In 2000, she earned a diploma in aromatherapy as well as doing self-study work on different alternative healing methods.

After their two sons were born in 2002 and 2004, Nan focused more of her attention on being a wife and mother. She continued to experiment with Reiki and intuitively discovered new ways of using it to benefit the whole family.

Old Man, the drum I use for shamanic healing work
Old Man, the drum I use for shamanic healing work | Source

Shamanic healing techniques

Nan had long held an interest in traditional shamanic healing, and in 2011 decided to begin exploring those interests.

She had been going to energy healing shares hosted by Kay Gillard, a shamanic practitioner and healer, for several months, and when the opportunity came to take a series of courses on Intuitive Healing, Nan jumped at the chance.

Over the following 6 months, Nan learned a variety of techniques as well as refining many healing techniques that she had already taught herself to do. She also practiced ways of combining Reiki with these shamanic healing methods.


NanLT's healing work today and in the future


In 2012, Nan began offering a mobile Reiki and shamanic healing service to clients in SE London. She is able to see clients in the London Borough of Bromley and the surrounding area.

She can also offer distance healing, for those who don't live in the area or for those who would like healing but who do not feel comfortable having others in their home space. Nan has experience working with people on the autistic spectrum as well.

A typical healing session takes between 45 minutes to an hour and can either consist of Reiki alone, shamanic healing alone, or a combination of both.

To learn more about how Reiki and shamanic healing can benefit you and the services which Nan can provide, please visit The Healing Room.

Future plans

Nan is currently doing coursework to become a Soul Midwife in the UK. In this role she would be serving people who are dying and their loved ones, providing support and guidance so that they can have a good death.

She would also serve as a psychopomp after death, guiding the souls of those who have died from this realm into the next.

Area covered

Bromley, Greater London, UK

get directions

Reiki and shamanic healing service offered in the London Borough of Bromley and the surrounding area.

Are you interested in learning more about Energy Healing?

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    • annieangel1 profile image


      4 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      lovely to see this again Nan x


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