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What Nanotechnology in Vitamins means for us

Updated on August 7, 2016

What is Nanotechnology?

We live in an era where medical breakthroughs are happening so often that it can be hard to keep track of what's what. Nanotechnology is one of the newer breakthroughs that many people have heard about, but not many understand what exactly it is. Some are scared of it, while others hail it as a miraculous technological advancement scientists have made. So what's the real story?

Nanotechnology is the creation of functional molecules on a nanoscale. This means taking an atom and trying to change it's structure. A good way to understand exactly how small a nanometer is is by comparing it to something were already familiar with. A great example is the fact that there are 25,400,000 nanometers in an inch. This puts into perspective exactly how small a nanometer actually is.

This can sound pretty scary to some, but due to the significantly smaller size scale that scientists work with in nanotechnology, they are able to make additional improvements to the molecules in the vitamin supplements. This includes the increasingly popular supplement improvement process of encapsulating nano-supplements inside of lipo-spheres; but what exactly is a lipo-spheric capsule?

The special structure of a lipo-speric capsule is what is responsible for many of the added benefits of encapsulated supplements. This structure is made up of liposomes on the outside (tiny balls filled with fluid) which have phospholipids (membranes that surround and protect cells) attached to them. What people don't realize is that every single one of our cells needs these essential phospholipids for protection. All these molecules bind together to form a protected delivery capsule system that surrounds a supplement suspended in liquid. The supplements that are encapsulated in this way can get where they need to go much more efficiently without any waste. This use of phospholipids also means that lypo-spheric supplement manufacturers have no need for all those nasty fillers commonly added to typical supplements.

The downside to typical vitamins and supplements we take orally is that they are always destroyed to some degree by our stomach acids and biles. With lypo-speric supplements, this is not an issue. Instead, the supplements are able to bypass our restrictive nutrient transport system, which allows them to move quickly from our blood and into our cells where they can then get ready to get to work where they are needed the most.

Major reasons nanotechnology & lypo-spheric supplements are beneficial

  • They can pass through spaces and barriers that the larger particles cannot
  • Allows for much more efficient delivery to otherwise inaccessible areas
  • More surface area which means less is needed
  • Effects happen more quickly, because nutrients can travel more quickly
  • Less of the nutrient is needed because the smaller molecules are more potent
  • The known beneficial effects of supplements are seen more often when liposomal supplements are used as opposed to regular oral supplements.
  • lypo-spheric encapsulation allows nutrients to bypass our stomach acid, thus not being destroyed.
  • You get to absorb the full dose of the supplement because rather than supplements being fat soluble, nanoceuticals are water soluble.
  • No need for toxic or allergenic fillers
  • Allowing more people to gain access to benefits previously only seen in expensive IV applications
  • No upset stomach

Reasons people are scared of it

  • It's new and groundbreaking (today's "nano" is replacing our last breakthrough "micro")
  • Because of it's small size, we may inadvertently receive too high of a dose of something that can be toxic in large doses (such as vitamin A or K which are toxic in overdoses)
  • Nano-silver products being sold for internal consumption (which in most countries more safety testing is being required)

Benefits vs. Risk

No one is being forced to purchase or consume nanoceuticals. It is up to everyone to decide whether they are comfortable taking lypho-spheric nano-supplements. I recommend everyone to delve into research on their own before completely deciding either for or against something.

Evidence of Efficacy

Studies and customer-based experiences show just how amazing the benefits of nano-encapsulated supplements can be. In a study in 2008, Brittish researchers were able to show how encapsulated vitamin C allowed the blood to reach cancer killing levels of this vitamin without the negative effects oral supplementation would usually create at such high doses. In this study various types of cancers showed a 30-50% of a cancer cell killing effect. The idea that vitamin C can help to kill cancer is of course still a controversial idea, but studies have been done as far back as 1978 which showed that intravenous vitamin C injections prolonged the lives of terminal cancer patients. The 2008 study showed that this is still true of vitamin C and that it can be achieved with encapsulated lypo-spheric vitamin C forms, instead of only being possible with intravenous vitamin C therapies as previously thought.

The Biolab in London also found out which mechanism this happens by. They were supplied liposomal vitamin C from the manufacturer LivonLabs for this 10 year study. It was found that the cancer killing happens when the vitamin C produces hydrogen peroxide within the tissues rather than the blood. From there it can then destroy tumor cells and turns into water so that there are no toxic effects from this therapy.

Because nanotechnology is still fairly new, all of the breakthrough study's findings are still not common knowledge yet. With nanoceuticals first arriving on the market in the late 2000's, this information is still spreading very slowly but worth noting for future reference. One of the very first nano-supplements encapsulated by lypo-spherically was vitamin C.


Vitamin C Benefits

Most of us have heard of all the many reasons we need Vitamin C and all the benefits it provides for us. There are more and more studies being done on vitamin C's benefits every year. Check out some of these effects vitamin C have and imagine how much more successful they can be when administered by oral lypo-speric vitamin C.

  • Prevention and Improvement of Macular Degeneration
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Tissue protection and repair
  • Immune System support
  • Collagen Formation
  • Better absorption of Iron
  • Skin wrinkle improvements
  • Cardiovascular Disease prevention
  • Norepinephrine Synthesis (mood & brain function)

Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C


Dr. Thomas Levy discusses lypo-spheric Vitamin C

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