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How Bioenergy Gave Me Almost Painless Natural Birth

Updated on April 5, 2012

My experience with bioenergy during natural birth

I already wrote about benefits of alternative medicine during natural birth. Alternative medicine can help during natural birth and make it much shorter and less painful. Many women have prejudice towards alternative medicine and don’t even want to consider it.

But, if you want a natural birth and are looking for a natural pain relief, alternative medicine can be additional help in dealing with painful contractions.

I consider my natural birth as the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had in my life. It was painful enough to give me burst of adrenalin. And it was painless enough to give me great joy and extraordinary moments to remember.


Why bioenergy?


My bioenergist is a great woman. She taught me to be more calmed and less angry. I started visiting her long before I got pregnant.

When I found out I was pregnant, it was a completely natural thing to continue visiting her. The first thing she told me is that women who have her treatments don’t have any morning sickness.

But, that was only one of many benefits I had during my pregnancy. Bioenergy also eliminates tiredness, which is common among pregnant women. There aren’t any problems with food, mood, blood pressure and so many other things that are very important for having healthy pregnancy.

When I told my ob-gyn I wanted natural birth, he tried to talk me out of it. He said that women, who give birth for the first time, usually go through 12 to 18 hours of contractions.

When I told that to my bioenergist, she told me not to worry. My bioenergist told me she would perform a long distance treatment when my contractions start and I would give birth within 5 hours. All I had to do was call her when I get into hospital and she would start with the treatment.

This was the main reason what I wasn’t afraid and why I was actually looking forward to giving birth to my child.

Besides being connected to my bioenergist, I was generally well prepared for natural birth. I used some techniques to avoid episiotomy. And, I practiced breathing and relaxation techniques as a natural pain relief during natural birth.


Contractions start – night

I felt my first contractions during the night at 3am. They were quite regular and came every 7 minutes. Contractions were painless and felt like Braxton Hicks I had throughout my pregnancy. When I realized that my birth had begun, I decided to go to the hospital in the morning.


Contractions continue – day

It was 8am and my contractions were getting just a little bit painful. But according to my pain threshold, they were still painless. I think that pain threshold, which for every woman is different, is the main trigger for having or not having natural birth. I considered my pain threshold quite high and I didn’t worry that I will not be able to cope with my contractions.

I decided to go to the hospital around noon. I had a private ob-gyn to examine me during pregnancy, so I didn’t have a specific doctor that waited for me in the hospital. Actually, I wanted rather a midwife than a male doctor. I thought that midwife would be more prone to natural birth and will respect my wishes and my birth plan better.

At 2pm I was admitted and operating doctor examined me. He told me that I was 1cm dilated and that my contractions were very weak. I had a sandwich and a juice. I didn’t want to be hungry. I needed energy if I wanted to give birth to my child naturally.

After I had finished answering all questions, it was something around 4pm. My contractions become little painful. It was nothing special, just a normally painful crams in my lower stomach. Something like the first day of my period. I was walking around and going through contractions leaned on the table that was in the waiting room. I didn’t want to lie down in the bed. I rather spent time with my husband walking through my contractions.

At 5pm I decided to call my bioenergist. I told her I was only 1cm dilated. My contractions were coming every 6 minutes, they didn’t become any frequent. Everything was happening so slowly. Although the intensity of my contractions increased, I wasn’t dilating any further.

At 6pm I told my husband I was tired and I wanted to lie down. My contractions became more painful. I was handling them without any problems, but I couldn’t relax completely and fall a sleep for example.


Contractions become painful and pleasant - evening

In the mean time, my bioenergist started with long distance healing. When I first called her, she told me to call her again when I was at least 4cm dilated. But, as the time went by, she decided to start with her treatment. I think it happened around 6pm.

After 7pm, I was still only 1cm dilated. The contractions were getting more and more painful linearly. I got hungry again and asked for a dinner. I ate my macaroni cheese and had some water. I even brushed my teeth. And I returned to bed. I was tired and walking through contractions became very exhausting.

I started applying the first breathing technique. I wasn’t in the mood to use the Pilates ball to ease the pain. I had labors every 5 minutes. The ob-gyn who happened to be there told me I would probably give birth till the morning next day.

I wasn’t aware that my bioenergist started with distance healing, so I didn’t connect the fact that the pain suddenly got worse with her treatment. I was dilating pretty fast, so every contraction was more painful than the previous one.

Around 8pm, my contractions were still localized cramps, but very painful. I used first breathing technique and I was so happy that it helped ease the pain.

Around 9pm, my contractions became weird. They weren’t localized cramps any more. They were everywhere. I felt pain in my stomach, my pelvic and my lower back. And, not only that, I felt just like some energy was floating all around me. Like the energy was coming inside and going out at the same time.

Those contractions were so strong, I felt like something was lifting me up from the bed. I started using second breathing technique, because I needed some additional space in my stomach. When the next contraction came, my water broke. It didn’t hurt a bit, but I was surprised, that I screamed.

I called the doctor and he told me I was completely dilated! I don’t know who was more surprised, the doctor or I.

Those energetic contractions were very strong and painful; but they were also pleasant in a specific way. Maybe this will sound strange, but I can almost compare them with the huge orgasm. That’s why I said it felt like the sudden burst of adrenalin. Although I felt great pain, I also felt great excitement.

It was almost 10pm and I felt the head pressure and urge to push. I used third breathing technique at the time and exhaled as much air as I could.

As I was completely dilated there wasn’t any reason to wait with pushing. The first stage of birth was over and I started thinking about head going through my birth canal. I was considered as a risk-free woman in labor, so a midwife took over and asked me to push.

I was content that I had an opportunity to have my baby delivered by a midwife. That fit into my picture of natural birth. I asked her to take care of my perineum. I openly told her I didn’t want an episiotomy. She was so gentle and cautious.

I practiced Kegel exercises during my pregnancy. I also massaged my perineum with special oil to make it more elastic and less prone to tearing. After three or four contractions I gave birth to my daughter. I didn’t even felt the head going out. I didn’t have an episiotomy.

At 11pm I saw my wonderful daughter. I was so happy and content. It was the best birth I could imagine. I was so excited, I felt the adrenalin going through my veins days after that moment.

So, from my own experience, bioenergy is very helpful during natural birth. I practically dilated completely within four hours. If I didn’t have bioenergy treatment, it would probably take me 10 more hours to give birth to my daughter.


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