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Natural Childbirth Benefits

Updated on April 27, 2012

Benefits Of Natural Childbirth

That is one of biggest questions women ask themselves when they are pregnant. Should I go natural or epidural? Most women don’t care what risks there are or what effect it could have on the baby, they just don’t want to feel pain. I have had three babies, and I did natural with all three of them. Not only did I go natural, but also my labor only lasted a little over 2 hours each time. So many people tell me, you are so lucky that you had such fast labor. Do you have any idea how painful it is to fully dilate in 2 hours?! I couldn’t get epidural, and I am glad I wasn’t given the choice.

I thought my first baby was just a fluke, and that my second would come a lot slower. Nope, she came fast. Both times I went so fast that they couldn’t even ASK me if I wanted an epidural. The third time was about 5 months ago when I had my daughter. I went in there planning to go natural unlike the other times. I always felt great after I gave birth with no drugs. My babies were always so alert and I could walk around right away without any complications. I have a huge migraine problem, so I probably would have been at risk for a spinal headache. The risks just aren’t worth going through all of it. I have nothing against people using epidural; I just want to share my experience of natural birth. I know now that I would never want to put any risk on my baby with drugs. A lot of women think the risk is so low, and is quick labor but it happened to me.

Many people say that epidural didn’t make their baby drugged up, but the baby probably would have been more alert without it. I am a young mom, and had my first when I was 20. I was terrified of the pain and never thought I wouldn’t be able to get drugs. But that’s not always the case. I was already 7 CM dilated by the time I got to the hospital the first time. The most recent time, the doctor didn’t even have time to put his gloves on! I learned a lot from my births and I am so happy that I did it natural. I am not one of those people who brag because they went natural, and I never planned on it the first time. I am happy that I have the strength to get through it without crying or screaming at all. It has given me confidence knowing that I can do anything and handle anything.

There are so many women that opt for C-sections and get the baby out before it’s even ready which I definitely do not agree with. C-sections were meant for emergencies not convenience. Birth is supposed to hurt; it’s the complete opposite of how it felt when you got pregnant. When you think about whether you should go natural or not, you have to be prepared. It is definitely the most pain I have ever felt in my life, but afterwards it was the most relief I have ever felt. I wouldn’t have gone back and changed it. There can be so many complications with epidural and other drugs. I don't know about you but if I was a baby I wouldn't want to be inside someone that was on drugs. Be strong, and show men how strong we are for our children. Natural is the way to go and it is the best thing for your baby.


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