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Natural Cures for Hair Loss

Updated on August 27, 2012

Several natural cures are available to prevent hair loss which poses a major problem to the personal appearance. There could be several reasons for losing hair. It is well known that heredity plays a major role. Certain hairstyles could be instrumental in aggravating loss of hair. Excessive pressure should not be exerted on hair. Whenever hair is styled in plaits or buns it should not be too tight. Hair loss is not exclusive to men. Twenty five percent of women also experience hair loss.

Natural Cures for Hair Loss

Before starting any treatment for hair loss, root cause has to be determined. Excessive drinking of coffee, tea and alcohol has to be avoided. Smoking also causes hair loss. Eating certain meats, fried, spicy and acidic food will have to be avoided. Diseases like typhoid, presence of dandruff, lice and hormonal imbalance may also cause hair loss. Medical conditions like lupus and thyroid disease are also responsible for it. If the hair loss is due to the lack of nutrients, iron supplements and protein drinks could be of help. Iron is found in the red blood cells which carry oxygen to all corners of the body. Iron rich foods like cereals, pumpkin seeds, beans, clams and oysters are recommended. Crash diets may also cause hair loss.

Natural soaps and shampoos will have to be used to wash hair. Several herbal soaps and shampoos are available. Application of coconut oil goes a long way in helping to prevent hair loss and keeping the hair healthy. Paste made of coconut kernel can be applied to the hair overnight and the hair washed next morning. Coconut oil mixed with lime juice should be applied at least half an hour before washing the hair. This also slows down graying of hair. A paste made of Urad dhal (black beans) and powdered fenugreek seeds can be applied once in two weeks. It is a very good natural cure for hair loss

Mustard oil boiled with henna leaves is also a good cure for hair loss. Powdered black pepper mixed in curds can be applied once a fortnight for good results. Use of almond oil to massage hair is also a very useful cure. Beetroot leaves with henna paste can also be used.

Vitamin B could also be very helpful as a natural cure. It dilates the blood vessels and supplies more blood which stimulates the hair follicles. This may not only prevent hair loss but also promotes hair growth. Vitamin C also helps to prevent hair loss. Consumption of citrus fruits and green pepper which contain vitamin C are recommended.

Too much pressure should not be applied when the hair is brushed. Hair should not be brushed when it is wet. A wide tooth comb should be used. Brushing hair vigorously can cause hair loss.

These are some of the natural cures for hair loss


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