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Natural Cures for Seasonal Allergies

Updated on October 12, 2010

Relief from Sneezing

Bee Pollen: A Powerful Remedy That Fights Allergies

Bee Pollen is a very powerful remedy that fights allergies, and it has been used for hundreds of years to cure them.  In addition to its remedy qualities, it is also packed with tons of health benefits as well.

As a remedy for allergies, bee pollen has been studied extensively and has proven to be great preventing symptoms that are caused by seasonal allergies.  Research shows that bee pollen helps our body to create antibodies that fight off pollen, and other agents that cause allergic reactions.  Once our body makes antibodies that fight off pollen and other agents, it does much better in fighting off the symptoms such as sneezing, dry mouth, stuffy nose, congestion and other allergic reactions.  You can think of bee pollen almost as a natural vaccine for allergies that helps to prevent symptoms.

Other Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

There are many health benefits that bee pollen offers, its even been said that bee pollen may contribute to the secret that slows down aging.

  • Bee pollen is richer in protein than meats.  (meats are typically 20% protein)
  • Pollen contains all of the essential amino acids.
  • Because pollen has all of the essential amino acids, it has been documented that pollen supports healthy thyroid function.
  • Contains selenium, which has been known to slow down the aging of cells.
  • RIch in B Vitamins as well as the amino acids that are necessary to the nervous system.  This means that pollen is great for regulating stress.  Our bodies need amino acids to produce endorphins as well, endorphins are the hormones that make us feel happy.
  • Helps to increase energy naturally.
  • Contains the amino acids that help promote growth: Arginine, proline, systine, serine and tyrosine are known as amino acids that act as growth accelerators.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy appetite and digestive system.
  •  Great for pregnant women as it aids in contractions during child birth.
  • Richness in vitamin and minerals promotes healthy and strong bones.  Contains calcium and phosphorus which are responsible for efficient calcium absorbtion.
  • Helps to promote a healthy and happy mood as well as stimulate memory function and concentration.
  • Great for people that are exposed to high amounts of radiation, such as x rays, chemotherapy, and any other radiation exposure.
  • Very beneficial to the liver as it contains over 100 different biochemicals that are vital to efficient liver function.
  • Has been known to benefit those that suffer from prostate problems.


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    • profile image

      Jasmin 3 years ago

      I appreciate your kind and geoenurs advice a lot!. I have been trying it hardly and did not get those amazing results!. It is nice to see that you got my comment in a good way!God bless you!VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

    • lovelypaper profile image

      Renee S 8 years ago from Virginia

      Fascinating. I learned alot.