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Natural Medication for Anxiety

Updated on June 27, 2016

Many sufferers of anxiety, chronic stress, and even panic attacks respond very well to natural medication that can be bought over the counter. If you have a hard time with the side effects of prescription drugs, talk to your doctor about natural medications. Supplements designed with the right combination of amino acids, herbs, and minerals can significantly boost dopamine, relieve stress, and even give you a better night's sleep.

Mood Boost

"Mood Boost" perfectly describes this natural medication for anxiety and stress reduction. Hundreds of reviews attest to the help many people have received from this totally natural anti-anxiety product.

The ingredients of Mood Boost include a therapeutic herbal blend of the extracts of ashwaganda root, passion flower, rhodiola rosea root, chamoile flower, and lemon balm. Ashwaganda is an herb used for thousands of years in India as a natural remedy for stress relief. Read more information on this time-honored herbal remedy further down this article.

For boosting dopamine and smoothing out brain activity, the herbal extracts are combined with the powerful amino acids 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine, as well as with the neurotransmitter GABA.

A healthy dose of Vitamin B-6 and magnesium complete the ingredient list of this natural medication for anxiety and stress.

The pretty green bottle of Mood Boost contains 60 vegetarian capsules. The recommended dosage is just one capsule a day, so you see what great value this product from LES Labs offers, although some reviewers report taking two capsules a day. Since it's a totally natural product, if some days you want to take it both in the morning and evening, you can do so without the worries you would have if it were a pharmaceutical drug.

A 100% guarantee is offered. If you don't feel this anti-anxiety supplement has helped you, your money will be fully refunded.

CalmRx for Anxiety and Stress

Another natural supplement you should know about is CalmRx, which contains a proprietary formula especially designed for fast absorption. Many people suffering from chronic stress, social anxiety, repetitive thoughts, etc., can tell a noticeable improvement the first day of taking this natural medication. The reviews attesting to this fast absorption are pretty impressive.

CalmRx contains amino acids, vitamins, and the herbs lemon balm and rhodiola rosea that have used for centuries for their calming effect. The reviews of CalmRx are very encouraging for anyone who needs some kind of help with panic attacks, or just the stress and anxiety that just getting through the day can bring on , but has a hard time with prescription drugs for these problems.

What is particularly striking about CalmRx is how quickly it works for many people.

Of course, you should have your doctor's approval before weaning off the pharmaceutical drugs he or she has prescribed. Only do so and replace them with natural supplements with your doctor's support.

This bottle contains 90 capsules, and the recommended dosage is 3 capsules per day.

Herbs for Anxiety

Traditional cultures have used herbs for anxiety and other emotional and mental issues for as long as these cultures have existed. Ashwaganda, also known as Indian Ginseng, is an important ingredient in Mood Boost discussed above. This amazing healing herb is found in India and Nepal.

Ashwaganda  Indian Ginseng
Ashwaganda Indian Ginseng

Ashwaganda / Indian Ginseng

Writing above about Mood Boost got me curious to know a little more about Indian Ginseng, known in the Sanskrit language as ashwaganda.

Ashwaganda is a herb that grows as a small bush with reddish-orange berries in the dry areas of India and Nepal, and is related to goji berries and to the tomato. The part that is harvested for its healing properties in the root.

The word "ashwaganda" actually translates into "sweaty horse." You wouldn't think something called that would be good for you, would you! It has this name because that's exactly what the root smells like...a sweaty horse. So, especially if you are a horse lover, lol, this herb is for you!

In spite of the odor of the raw root, ashwaganda has been an essential component of the natural healing for 2000 years, with its primary benefits related to the nervous system. Traditional healers use it for reducing stress, depression, and as a sleep aid.

Purple Passion Flower
Purple Passion Flower

More Herbs for Anxiety Relief

Among the other herbs that have time-honored reputations for relieving anxiety are passionflower and lemon balm.

Passionflower has many beneficial effects that have been scientifically documented in many parts of the world. Besides having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it has a wonderfully calming effect on the central nervous system. Thus it is widely used for anxiety, sleeplessness, and generalized nervous restlessness. Passionflower is available in supplement form or as a liquid extract.

Lemon balm also has a long history in natural medicine, and is mentioned in early Arab, Greek, and Roman writings. Since the Middle Ages, it's been used for stress reduction and to induce sleep. Enjoy lemon balm as a delightful tea.

As for depression (often the other side of the coin to anxiety), the herb St. John's Wort is highly valued, and is actually the most popular natural substance for treating this emotional disorder. St. John's Wort has been used since ancient Greece for depression and other similar emotional problems. St. John's Wort has become so accepted that you can buy in any local drugstore.

Another Traditional Anti-Anxiety Remedy

Traditional cultures value each part of the natural world for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Next is discussed Kava Root from the South Pacific Islanders.

Kava Root Powder

Kava root powder is not quite as convenient as a pill, but has a long history among the South Pacific Islanders as a natural stress reliever. Traditionally, kava root powder is mixed with a cold or lukewarm liquid to produce a drink that has relaxing effects some people compare to alcohol. It is also known for having a strong taste that some people don't like.

Kava root extract can also be purchased in capsules, but I find the tradition of making it into a drink to be much more interesting. The Amazon reviews from people who are familiar with this kava root from different countries in the Pacific indicate that this product featured here is definitely one of the best.

Kava root powder is not something I've ever tried, but these very intriguing reviews have me plenty curious to do so!

A Personal Note

My focus in this article has been on non-prescription supplements and natural remedies that one takes orally. I know there are many therapeutic things one can do for the free-floating anxiety that pervades our culture, such as aromatherapy, yoga, etc, but I personally find the need in my busy life for the convenience of something I can swallow. This is the form of natural help for anxiety that I need. In fact, I don’t know what I would do without the convenience of something I can swallow!

However, many people, myself included, cannot tolerate the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. My personal experience was that these drugs (and I’ve tried several) actually increased my anxiety. I've heard other people say the same thing. Also, I would be so worried about all the weird things that would go on in my body after taking them. So, sorry pharmaceutical companies, I won’t be contributing to your outrageous profits anymore.

I want to say right here that only you can decide what is best for you. Only you know how severe your anxiety and/or depression is. If you actually cannot function as you need to at work or home because of extreme anxiety or are prone to thoughts of hurting yourself, by all means follow your doctor’s orders, and take whatever medication he/she prescribes. Perhaps as time goes by, you will be able to make the transition to natural supplements, but in the meantime, your safety is the most important consideration.

Natural Options for Anxiety Relief

So, the above products are my current suggestions for natural help for anxiety that you can explore further for yourself. Natural supplements and remedies derive from Mother Nature's abundant gifts and the expertise of those who can make these gifts easy and convenient to use. Speaking for myself, I've very grateful to have these natural options as I cope with my own anxiety, and I hope you find these suggestions helpful, as well.

Perhaps your problem is just an overload of stress in your life. Treating anxiety the natural way with supplements that do not require a prescription may make a tremendous difference for you.

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    • SusanSaies profile image

      SusanSaies 6 years ago

      My reading indicates that the concerns about Kava and liver problems were actually the result of specific Kava pills that had contained additional ingredients that native people do not use in their kava drinks. Plus, these pills had been combined with alcohol. The bans on Kava around the world that started in 2001 have mostly, if not entirely, been lifted.

    • profile image

      natural anxiety remedies 6 years ago

      I've heard that Kava powder can be super dangerous because it is linked to liver failure. This was reported by the FDA a while back. Panicyl is definitely worth trying though for sure. Nice Hub! Super helpful.