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Natural Home Remedies for Constipation

Updated on April 4, 2013

There are several people around the world who are afraid of the word, constipation. Moreover, there is no one in this world who has not experienced this problem. From birth till death, a person goes through constipation several times in his lifetime. It is very interesting to note that this problem mostly happens due to unbalanced, non-nutritious, unhygienic, and unhealthy form of diet, bad lifestyle, and inactivity. You will not feel surprised to know that constipation is a condition that represents the origin of several other diseases. In severe forms of chronic constipation, the stagnation of feces inside the intestinal tract creates toxemia, which enters the bloodstream affecting the whole system encouraging the emergence of diseases like appendicitis, rheumatism, hypertension, arthritis, cataracts, cancer, etc. People who experience constipation on a constant basis are more prone to other related diseases than people who are constipation free most of the time.

A constipated walk. So funny. Isn't it?
A constipated walk. So funny. Isn't it? | Source

For treatment of constipation, it is really necessary to combine balanced, nutritious, hygienic, and healthy high fiber diet with regular exercise and lifestyle modification. Most people who sit on computers all day long living a sedentary lifestyle like content writers, office managers, receptionists, accountants, medical transcriptionists, call center employees, etc. experience constipation more than people who work in outside environments and always remain active like environmental engineers, surveyors, game wardens, repairers, industrial or construction laborers, wildlife biologists, zoologists.

Now for people who live a sedentary lifestyle and have no choice, there are some natural home remedies for constipation like:

Buy Sat-isabgol Psyllium Husk Online

(Psyllium husks) Isabgol for constipation

It was just three days back when I had constipation in the morning. This happened due to my eating mutton korma the previous night. I went to the washroom to freshen up but was not able to. I started having slight pain in my belly followed by some discomfort. I went to the kitchen and took some Eno (fast acting effervescent fruit salts) without any positive benefits. Then, I called up 98.4 Medicine Store and ordered Isabgol pack to get rid of constipation. There was no at home at that time and I was struggling with the constant pain. I received the pack after half an hour. Then, I took some curd (dahi) in a small bowl and opened the Isabgol pack and mixed two tablespoons of contents in the curd. As soon as the contents were mixed, I consumed all the stuff without stopping in between. I waited for just ten minutes when I felt urgency to empty bowels. I got to the washroom and came back relieved of my constipation, pain, and discomfort. So according to me consuming psyllium husks (isabgol chilka) with curd is the best home remedy for treatment of constipation.

Sat Isabgol pack - Psyllium husk pack
Sat Isabgol pack - Psyllium husk pack | Source

Grapes for treatment of constipation

Among the home remedies to treat constipation naturally are grapes which have an excellent source of cellulose and organic acids, which give you mild laxative effect. Grapes are also a very powerful natural medicine which clear the intestinal tract and prevent stagnation of feces preventing colicky pain, discomfort, or stomach cramps. It is a true fact that eating only 350 g of grapes on a daily basis is most suitable for natural and preventive treatment of constipation.

Grape seller in Delhi
Grape seller in Delhi | Source

Pears for treating constipation

Another very effective home remedy to stop constipation naturally is pears. Pears are very suitable for even the most serious cases such as chronic constipation. A person who experiences constant constipation must follow an exclusive diet of pears with its juice for 3 days.

Woman pear seller in Delhi
Woman pear seller in Delhi | Source

So above were a few natural home remedies for constipation. There are several other home treatments to get rid of constipation but prevention is always better than cure and regular workout, active lifestyle, balanced high fiber diet are the best ways to prevent constipation.

Pic of high fiber fruits
Pic of high fiber fruits | Source


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