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Natural Home Remedies for Hangover

Updated on March 3, 2010

Natural Home Remedies for Hangover

Natural Home Remedies for Hangover

Now its official, you have a hangover after drinking or partying too much and drinking like there is no tomorrow. When you see the old lady walking and she appears to be very pretty or you can see your girlfriend or boyfriend twice plus you cant stand up to pee or you are saying things you can never say when you're sober, you know you have it, you're drunk. And then the hangover, you feel like crap, at times you get stomach upset, dizzy, you feel like vomiting and in general the feeling of not feeling well.

  • Hangover is difficult as you can't perform the usual activity you usually do. It happens to us at times specially when there are special occasions, party or any celebration. yes, it is good to drink once in a while but we should be aware about the consequences of our actions if we overdo things. Learn the general rule : Always do things in moderation. What are you going to do when you have hangover? What is the best natural home remedies for it?

Avoid drinking like there is no tomorrow
Avoid drinking like there is no tomorrow

The Use of Natural and Herbal for Hangover

  • Growing up in Asia, we have lots of herbal and natural remedies for hangover, leaves here and there, and concoction given by your mother and is available everywhere. In Western countries like the US where I am located at the moment, the usual herbal concoctions are not readily available. When you're alone in the house and you cant go out because you feel like crap, there are natural home remedies for hangover. This is the topic of this hub. Don't get me wrong I don't always get drunk but it happens to me and I will share tips about natural home remedies for hangover which I grew up with and taking lessons from friends, old people in the community and my mother who always have something for different kind of ordinary sickness. I also did some research about hangover and I am sharing with you about natural home remedies for hangover.

the magic water --Natural home remedy for hangover
the magic water --Natural home remedy for hangover
eat apple natural remedy for hangover
eat apple natural remedy for hangover


  • The term "hangover" is an expression simply meaning "morning after effect" of drinking too much. It was an expression in the 19th century where its is meant as unfinished business -- something left over form a meeting, In this case, something left over from too much drinking.

Approximately 25-30% of drinkers may be resistant to hangover -- others don't even experience hangover, but others do have experienced it most often than not, it really depends on the person

What are some symptoms and signs of hangover

  • You know it when you have it but literature would say that the feeling of aching sometimes throbbing headache plus you seems like avoiding the light because it hurts your eyes, weak and feeling lethargic or dysporia - opposite of euphoria which is characterized as sadness, anxiety, irritability, or restlessness. One or two of these combination, you know its hangover. Sometimes you may have diarrhea, and the feeling of thirst. Dehydration is a cause of hangover. You feel like you're so tired, have body aches, vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, cant sleep,hungry, lack of judgement, dizziness and at times lack of cognitive abilities.
  • Blood sugar lost or hypoglycemia, dehydration, or poisoning of the brain because of too much alcohol, and Vitamin B12 deficiency are some consequences of too much drinking and signs of hangover.

lime juice is best -- natural remedy for hangover
lime juice is best -- natural remedy for hangover
Orange juice is good for you, as it is rich in Vitamin C
Orange juice is good for you, as it is rich in Vitamin C
chamomile tea is also good for hangover
chamomile tea is also good for hangover
get some rest, sleep tightly if you can
get some rest, sleep tightly if you can
Lime with sugar and water is best when you have hangover
Lime with sugar and water is best when you have hangover
banana Natural home remedy for hangover
banana Natural home remedy for hangover
Wanna drink some more??    DRINK in MODERATION FOLKS
Wanna drink some more?? DRINK in MODERATION FOLKS

Important things to do when you have hang over

  1. Replenish the lost vitamins minerals, and water in your body because that makes you weak
  2. Blood sugar is low that’s why you are feeling weak, so eat the necessary carbohydrates to regain your strength
  3. Rest and have some good sleep to be strong
  4. It is important to flush and discard the poison in your body due to excessive alcohol intake

Natural Remedies to hangover

  1. Bearing in mind the four things stated above you need to do things to replenish the lost vitamins and minerals in your body and to regain strength, flushing out the bad toxins and excess alcohol in your body
  2. Sleep is very important, rest, call your office and tell them you're sick. That is why it is advisable to get drunk on weekend not on weekdays, or else don't drink at all. But before you sleep, you should eat first and drink fluids
  3. Get body massage, if somebody can do this to you until you fall asleep it is the best way, Massage the back part of your body and the your forehead if you have headache, soothing massage relaxes muscle and the power of touch is very nice and it will calm you so you can sleep
  4. Drink water, this is very important. If you cant take in water other substitutes are juices like apple, prunes or tomato juice -- best for dehydration as well.
  5. Eat fruits, banana apple or orange is advisable
  6. When you have hangover and feeling weak it is best if you can eat carbohydrate rich foods and also foods which are rich in Vitamin B6 and folic acid, for the formation of blood and these are good for your nervous system as well-- sardines or fish in general is a good meal with rice, egg and beef as well.
  7. Have a warm bath, the smell of nice shampoo and body shower is soothing, so that you can sleep nicely
  8. Get a lime or orange, extract it and then put it in a glass of water with sugar, and then drink it
  9. Put an ice pack in your head if you have headache
  10. Peppermint and chamomile tea can also help with hangover


Never do these things when you have hangover

  • Never resort to quick relief, like paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Advil or medication as it may worsen your condition and may react with alcohol and with your stomach
  • Never engage in sex when you are drunk, it will make you more weaker and you find forget to put a condom
  • Never drink coffee, you cant sleep and it will dehydrate you more

How to avoid hangover

  • Drink moderately, don’t drink like there is no tomorrow
  • Don’t drink in an empty stomach, fill it up with enough food before you drink
  • Don’t mix your drink. Cognac, vodka, whiskey or beer in one night


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