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Natural Methods to Control Your Food Cravings

Updated on August 31, 2017
Food craving naturally
Food craving naturally

Weight Loss: Natural Methods to Control Your Food Cravings

True hunger can be easily satisfied with any food. But, emotional hunger often manifests itself in craving for a specific food like fast food and ice cream.

Those who are trying to lose weight often experience food cravings. Food craving is not simply a desire to eat a specific food; it is a signal from the body that it is lacking certain nutrient, which can be fulfilled by a certain food. Food cravings are certainly not associated with the weight loss methods, but it can also be caused due to hormonal and adrenal imbalances. So, before finding the solution for cravings, you should determine the factor that is causing cravings.

However, for the person trying to weight loss, craving is a big hurdle. Many people quit their weight loss program or plan because they can’t control craving. But, with the help of a little motivation and strategic approach, you can easily defeat cravings. The first step to stop craving is to ask yourself whether you are sad, bored or stressed. Most of the people who are trying to lose weight often experience craving to fill an emotional void. So, take your first step by keeping and maintain a “desire diary”.

In your desire diary, you can note down your desire and mood whenever you experience food cravings. By understanding what triggers your craving, you can find the appropriate solution. For instance, if stress is the reason behind food craving, then you can exercise to relieve the pressure. You can also go to a spa or for massage to relieve the stress. If you are sad, then you can probably talk to a friend and share your feelings.

Few Natural Ways To Control Your Food Cravings

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast, not with the energy roller coaster diet such as a doughnut. Undoubtedly, Doughnut provides a jolt of energy as it contains simple carbs and sugar, but it also destabilizes the blood sugar level. So, eating a breakfast that has fiber and protein is recommended to maintain the proper energy level, and it also aids in stabilizing the blood sugar level in the body.

  • Eating varied diet

Counting calories to keep your weight in check is a good thing, but extreme calorie counting always results in lack of certain nutrients. So, eating a varied diet can certainly help you to stop cravings. Remember that our body requires all kinds of nutrients to function properly, and craving is the sign of lacking any particular nutrition.

  • Eating at scheduled times

One of the effective methods to stop craving is to eat at the scheduled times. Avoid casual eating as it suppress the hunger and result in cravings at odd times. Moreover, eating at scheduled times ensure the right energy level and blood-sugar level.

  • Regular Exercise

It is well-know that craving is associated with lower blood sugar level, which is regulated by the insulin. Regular exercise helps in improving the sensitivity of insulin. Therefore, you must choose to exercise regularly to stop cravings. Besides, regular exercise also helps in achieving the healthy body.


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