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Natural and Organic Supplements For Energy Without Feeling Jittery

Updated on August 6, 2015

How to Get Energy the all Natural Way !

Are you one of the many people who would like some energy, but don't want to sacrifice your health to get it ? You can get natural energy without feeling jittery or weird. The worst thing you want to take or drink for energy is high fructose drinks like soda. You also want to stay away from what's called "energy drinks" like red bull.

These are awful for your body and your health. They may give you an energy burst, but once the caffeine wears off you will crash and feel worse than if you hadn't drank anything. The other thing you want to avoid is coffee or sweet iced tea.

As refreshing as it may taste initially, they will dehydrate your body. You don't want anything with caffeine. Once the caffeine wears off, your body will get tired. Than you have to continue to drink them to keep the caffeine "high."

Ginseng for Energy

Health Benefits of Green Tea

If you've looked at all at vitamins and supplements, I'm sure you've seen many that claim to give you energy. One of the most popular is Green Tea. This I would say to take with caution. Green Tea in it's natural form as a tea is great for you ! A lot of people try to buy it in a pill form and don't get the results they're looking for.

The reason for this is, there are all sorts of fillers added to these pills. A lot of them are packaged as diet pills. My advice, if you want green tea buy some green tea bags and drink it. Otherwise, you're just wasting your money. From my personal experience, they make you jittery as well.

B12 natural energy matabolism booster

The Best Natural Supplements That Will Make You Feel Fabulous

I have tried many, many supplements that claim to give you energy. The one I have found that makes you feel great is B-12. You can buy it in several different milligrams, starting at 150mg - 6000mg. I started with 500mg and quickly went to 2000mg.

Start low, you can always take more. You will not feel jittery or weird at all ! You also won't get a coming down or crashing sensation. The other one that's ok but not anywhere near as good as the B-12 is called Ginseng. Ginseng will give you some energy, but from my experience it tends to "run out" quick.


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