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Natural Painkillers

Updated on March 8, 2012



What Is A "Painkiller"?

A "painkiller" is also known as an analgesic. An analgesic is any drug or medicine, natural or synthetic, given to reduce or completely alleviate pain. Painkillers can be basically broken up into two types, the narcotic painkillers such as Morphine and the Non-narcotic painkillers such as tylenol. These medications also will not alter consciousness like an anesthetic would.

List Of Natural Painkillers

Fish Oils

Fish oils are said to block the bodies inflammatory response. Therefore, reducing joint pain and stiffness. Fish Oil is often taken for pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, gout, menstrual cramps and sinusitis.


Turmeric contains curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory substance, considered to be one of nature's most powerful pain relievers. It is said to work just as well as Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs such as Advil.

Olive Oil

The oil from an olive contains hydroxytyrosol, a natural anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant. And oleocanthal which is very similar to Ibuprofen.

Clove Essential Oil

This oil can be used directly onto the area that is causing you pain (such as a sore back). This oil is said to instantly and chronically numb nerve pain.

Tart Cherries

Consuming approximately twenty tart cherries is said to reduce pain caused by inflammation. They do this with their natural occurring anthocyanins and can be beneficial for arthritis and gout.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

This oil acts similar to cortisone and is therefore beneficial for joint pain. This oil was considered one of the best treatments for pain before synthetic pain killers were made.

White Willow Bark

Both White Willow Bark and Aspirin contain an ingredient called salicylic acid. White Willow Bark blocks inflammatory prostaglandins and decreases pain. This bark also has the ability to reduce fevers. It is often used in treating headache, toothache, backache and arthritis.


Boswellia is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces both pain and inflammation. This provides comfort to aching joints. This herb is often used for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and is most commonly used to soothe headaches.

Devil’s Claw

This herb has properties similar to that of cortisone and phenylbutazone. Reducing inflammation as well as pain. This herb is often used for managing arthritis and degenerative conditions, toothache, mild tension headaches, and menstrual cramps.


This herb comes from food items such as chili peppers and is what causes that burning, tingling feeling your mouth. Capsaicin is used as a topical pain reliever. This pain reliever works by causing that fire sensation without actually burning the tissues. Therefore, reducing the sensations of pain and neurogenic inflammation and is often used to treat arthritis.

InflaThera or Zyflamend

These items both contain holy basil, turmeric, and ginger. These three herbs all treat inflammation. And is therefore used to treat psoriasis and arthritis.


This is used for swelling after surgeries and after acute injuries. This flower contains sesquiterpene lactones that not only decreases inflammation but also boosts the immune system. This flower is used in both pill form or as a cream or gel.


This red seaweed supplement is used to reduce joint inflammation and maybe even help build bone. And is often used for osteoarthritis.

Methylsulfonyl-methane (MSM)

MSM is a type of sulfur that occurs naturally in the body. This type of sulfur is important for muscle, joint and bone health. MSM is used to improve joint flexibility and reduce swelling, scar tissue and inflammation and is often taken to treat arthritis, muscle and joint pain, allergies, headaches and skin problems.

Natural Pain Killers

Although these herbs may have been used for hundreds of years and may have no negative side effects. It is still important to do your own research on these natural pain killers. It is also best to speak to your doctor about any natural pain killers you may be interested in taking. As some may not be right for you.


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