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Natural Remedies for Allergy Sufferers

Updated on October 23, 2015
Neti Pot
Neti Pot | Source

Neti Pot

I have been suffering from severe allergies, multiple sinus infections each year and allergy-induced asthma for a while now and have tried everything I could think of to suppress them. I have tried Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Prescription allergy medicine, nasonex and inhalers to help with the symptoms.

I have gone for allergy testing and found out what I was allergic to, but unfortunately trees, weeds,mold, dust and dogs are everywhere, so I can't avoid them. I have found a few things that I can do at home that help relieve some of the symptoms by unclogging my sinuses.

I bought a neti pot a few years ago and it is the best investment I could have made. They are available in most grocery and big box stores. I bought the plastic version since it is cheap and durable. I bought it for around $10.

I do need to add a salt packet to the neti pot each time I use it. Salt packets are made specifically for the neti-pot. They have pre-measured amounts of fine salt. The salt is not expensive at all. I buy around 250 packets of salt for $15.

To use the Neti-pot, you fill it with warm, distilled water. I use warm tap water since it is free. After the neti pot is filled with warm water, you add a packet of salt to the neti pot. Shake the neti pot to mix the salt and water together.

Lean over a sink and put the spout of the neti-pot up to one of your nostrils. Tilt the neti pot to pour the water into your nostril. The water will go through your sinuses and out of your other nostril taking all the mucous and build-up out. Use half of the water on your first nostril and then move to your next nostril and repeat. While the water is in your sinuses, breath in a little water so that it goes down your throat. It will clear that area too.

I have been able to open up my sinuses and avoid a few sinus infections this way. It also clears the pollen out of your sinuses. I use it when I wake up and again at night before I go to sleep. If I have a cold or if my allergies are really act up, I may use it a few more times per day to clear out my sinuses.

Another good reason to use a Neti-pot (especially around cold and flu season) is because it washes out debris, pollen, germs, bacteria and viruses. If I have been around people who are sick, I make sure I use my Neti-pot that day to clear out any germs or viruses that have gotten into my sinus passage. Normally I can ward off illness by using my Neti-pot regularly during cold and flu season.

Stuffy Nose



Alkalol is another great product. The liquid formula was created in the 1800's for allergy sufferers. It includes licorice, mint and other natural cold and allergy cures. I was able to buy a bottle on for around $6.

To use Alkalol, pour a few spoons of it into your neti pot and mix with the water and the salt mixture, then use the neti pot as you usually would. It burns a little when you first start using it.

After a while, you can start adding more to your neti pot for a stronger concentration. If you are anything like me when I am congested, I smell something strong and the smell stays in my nose for the rest of the day. Adding Alkalol to the mix helps loosen the congested mucous that is holding onto that smell and it also leaves a nice, refreshing scent in your sinuses.

Senokat, which is in Alkalol, helps to loosen mucous and free up airways. It is like Drain-o for your sinuses!

The combination of the two, neti pot and Alkalol, have helped alleviate many of my symptoms. I couldn't imagine not having my neti-pot now. I even bring it with me on trips.


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      KDuBarry03 5 years ago

      I've been really looking into natural remedies and this sounds like a great item to use. Thanks for the share!