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Natural Remedies, Hepatitis C, and Massage!

Updated on March 1, 2013

When Can I Leave, Already!

At 15 years old I knew that I would have a chance to leave this planet by the time I was 30 years old. I know you may think this is crazy, but you see, until recently I've never been that appreciative of the experience we call 'living'. I've always thought more of the spiritual end of it all and had a difficult time early in life, realizing that there is a reason I was put here on this planet during this time.

There are 8000 baby boomers turning 65 daily! This is a statistic...however, they fail to also state that 2000 of those are dying every day! In the big scheme of things...reincarnation, etc..I no doubt volunteered to stay for the long term, before I was born! Darn it! Anyway, I woke up at 4 AM on my 30th birthday screaming in pain.

As it turned out my Mom got me to the hospital and at that point I was almost in a coma and the first words out of the doctor's mouth was, "have you taken any drugs?" I could still understand him and told him "no I hadn't." They admitted me to the hospital, then they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. The hospital did an Sonogram and told me I had a cyst or something on one of my overies. I patted the lower right of my ribs and asked them what was under where my hand was, and they told me it was my liver. I told them that that was where the problem was. They paid no attention. After all, I'm not a doctor.

Hepatitis C

Then they decided to give me the 12 hour glucose test. Goddess only knows why, because I didn't even have any signs of diabetes or diabetic shock. I told them I didn't have diabetes, but they wanted to find out for themselves. I was right. Then they decided they needed to do an exploratory surgery, so in I went and they cut me from my sternum (lower area of my ribs, in the middle) all the way down to my pubic bone. During the surgery, they gave me a blood transfusion.

Neither the hospital nor I knew it, but that was where I got Hepatitis C. You see, hepatitis C was not identified in our blood supply until the late 1980s. They knew it existed but called it "neither A, nor B" because they did not know what it was exactly. So I just go on living normally, going to college, partying, having a child, getting married (not necessarily in that order) and I thought I was healthy.

Then in 1993 I went in for a yearly physical and the doctor came back in and told me that my liver had quit functioning! Yes, "quit functioning" -- Those were his exact words. He then told me that he had tested me for Hepatitis and found that I had Hepatitis C. He tested me for Hep C because my liver had stopped functioning. He wanted me to get a liver biopsy...well, after my past experience I wasn't ready to trust a doctor and allow him to injure my liver any more than it was already. So I told him I wanted 30 days to try something and then if I came back and my liver still was not functioning, I'd get a liver biopsy.

Guess what? I came back in 30 days and my liver had started functioning again! If you know anyone with Hepatitis C, please share my website. I kept myself healthy with grade 4 liver cirrhosis. So healthy that no one even knew I was sick. Find out how right here.

Many Natural Remedies

When I asked my doctor about cures for Hepatitis C, he told me they hadSe no cure but were experimenting with interferon and the success rate was about 3%. I knew I would not do that, so set out to keep healthy using natural remedies. One of these natural remedies was massage. I became a massage therapist because I couldn't afford to get a massage every week, but as a massage therapist I COULD find a massage trade every week. That was one of the many things I did using natural remedies. The result was that I was walking around, looking healthy while having grade 4 liver cirrhosis! See my natural remedies on my website


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    • conradofontanilla profile image

      conradofontanilla 5 years ago from Philippines

      Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD, a Filipino internist and chelationist, is treating hepatitis B by chelation therapy. Hepa B is similar to hepa C which the body cannot clear after an infection with it. From 8 million count of virus Dr. Estuita reduced it to thousands until the fellow was employed by an ocean going shipping company after he was tested by its accredited clinic. I have a Hub "A Medical Breakthrough in the Control of Hepatitis B By Chelation Therapy." There is now a gadget that can count virus and gives a reading printout very fast. After my Hub was posted more hepa B victims are coming to Dr. Estuita for treatment.

    • Brett Winn profile image

      Brett Winn 6 years ago from US

      I have a dear friend with Hep C ... thanks for your info, and your website ... I will be sharing!