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Natural Remedy For Staph Infection

Updated on April 6, 2010

Staph infections show themselves as boils on the skin, when lancing boils it is important to remove the core as well, they can be very painful and appear in places on the body that cause great discomfort. There are ways to treat the boils and also ways to protect you from the bacteria that start off the boils in the first place. Firstly the boils themselves, my close friends have two young daughters they are absolute darlings and we all love them dearly, they also suffer from staph and regularly get boils all over their them. I had heard of a natural cure for boils and I decided to let my friends know so that they could treat the girl’s boils naturally and the natural remedy for staph infection was a great success, here is what I did. It was very simple, garlic has many health benefits as we all know but this time I made a poultice out of crushed garlic. I crushed half a clove of garlic, applied it to the infected boil and then covered it with a sticking plaster, the next day the infection was significantly reduced, the redness gone and by the next day almost gone altogether. By day three the infection was gone completely. All of this achieved by crushing half a clove of garlic and applying to the infection (a fresh application each day). The girls said that the poultice stung at first but after a while they didn't notice it at all. From then on if an infection looked like coming up - a garlic poultice would be applied and it would be completely gone within 24 hours.

The next part of this story is the source of the infections. We were having success treating the boils with garlic but the boils kept on coming which was frustrating. We started including garlic into the diets of all the family but the boils kept on reappearing. At the same time the family cat had 'moved onto the next life' (an unfortunate road accident by one of the neighbours) This tomcat had most of the time had sores on its face, which we thought it had got from fighting with the other neighbourhood cats, but as soon as 'Tiddles' had passed away the boils stopped appearing on the girls bodies. These sores the cat had must have been the source of the infection. So if you or your family suffers from a staph infection then it would be a good idea to have a look at the family pet or the neighbours pet to see if the pet suffers from an infection, and then go from there.

So the natural remedy for staff infection is a garlic poultice but to remove the cause you need to look at the surrounding environment that you and your family live in. In other words treat the symptoms and the cause. And if in doubt eat lots of garlic.


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