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Natural Treatment for Hypertension

Updated on October 30, 2016

Does Hypertension Run in Your Family?

My husband is from a family with history of hypertension so I am really very watchful about his diet. I keep on researching and looking for every natural way of keeping his blood pressure in a normal level because I believe prevention is the better than cure. I used to take Hypertension for granted until I read about how dangerous this is. Hypertension can kill so when you have this in your family history you ought to be very watchful.

When you have a history of Hypertension, you should not take chances. My husband does not want to take chances so he has been living a healthy lifestyle… no smoking, no drinking, and no unhealthy food and he is also into regular workout. But even with these preventive measures, his BP would sometimes rise to 140/90 and sometimes 150/100 even if with maintenance med that he takes each morning. With this, I could not help but go crazy.

Our Fruitful Mango Tree Provides

But lately I’ve been really happy that his Blood Pressure has been very stable, from 120/80 and the highest 130/80. His last BP which was taken without him even resting after an hour of driving was 130/80. This to me is already good. And you know what I believe has been keeping his blood pressure stable? It is drinking at least two glasses of water every hour and also drinking a glass or two of fresh raw mango juice every day!

Our mango tree has been producing lots of fruits so I am again busy making mango puree (both ripe and raw this time around). Fresh raw mango juice is not new to me. I love this with honey actually. But it is only now that I experimented on making this as a natural BP maintenance for my husband. I believe it is working well on him and he loves its taste.

How To Enhance the Sour Taste of Raw Mango Juice

My ratio is 3 is to one. For every 4 raw mangoes there is always a ripe one so that the puree won’t be very sour. I don’t use any other sweetener, no sugar, no honey whatsoever. My husband drinks a glass in the morning and one in the evening. Sometimes I also add fresh cucumber juice, or apple juice, or carrot juice, or melon juice or whichever available fresh fruit that could neutralize the sour taste of raw mangoes.

If you are having the same problem with your blood pressure, why don’t you try experimenting on raw mango juice? If this has been helpful to my husband I believe it will also work well with you. But of course, it is not just raw mango juice. You also have to make sure you are not eating bad food. By bad I mean the oily, fatty, greasy, salty food that you sometimes cannot resist. And lest I forget, regular exercise is also a must.


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