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How To Fall Asleep Fast The Natural Way

Updated on October 15, 2010

Sleep Sound Therapy

Natural Ways To Fall Asleep Fast

There is no quick fix when looking for natural ways on how to fall asleep fast. Whether you are suffering with severe or mild insomnia, or are just having a few rough nights, getting to sleep can seem like a battle in your own bed. Tossing and turning all night isn't just making uncomfortable nights, the affect it can have in your daily life can create havok.

Natural ways to fall asleep fast do not include sleeping pills. Sleeping pills meant to induce or encourage sleep can becoming habit forming and should be used sparingly and with caution. Sleeping medications can actually make it harder for you to fall asleep on your own when you stop using them if your body becomes used to the effects of the OTC sleeping medications such as Unisom. In addition, because sleeping pills do not encourage REM sleep, you will wake up and feel even more tired during the day.

Instead of using OTC sleeping medications, here are some natural methods to learn how to fall asleep fast They may not work overnight, and may not cure insomnia but with time and a combination of the following, you restless nights will become a thing of the past and you will know what it's like to find natural ways to fall asleep fast everynight of the week.

peaceful sleep
peaceful sleep

Eliminate These To Naturally Fall Asleep Fast

To naturally fall asleep fast, it can be more about what you aren't doing, then what you are to help you get a good nights sleep. Eliminating some or all of these things can help encourage a better nights sleep

The No-No List

  • Avoid late meals. A quiet stomach can lead to a quiet mind.
  • Remove as much caffeine from your diet as possible. Cut out all coffee after 12pm. Remember caffeine maybe relatively safe, but it is still a stimulant that can deter a good nights sleep.
  • Remove bedroom distractions. TV, computer, phone. Some people can sleep with them, if your struggling with insomnia, then you can't. Get them out of your bedroom.
  • Books can be relaxing, but they can also keep you up when you should be trying to sleep. Either set aside a certain amount of time to read and stick to it, or remove your book from your bedside.


sleeping soundly
sleeping soundly

Natural Ways To Fall Asleep Fast

When you are looking for natural ways to fall asleep fast, you must remember that your sleeping problems did not come about overnight. It took time for your mind to "forget" how to easily fall asleep.

The most natural way to fall asleep fast is to retrain your brain. You want to adapt a routine of mind-mellowing actions. These should include any of the following that may be helpful to you.

Preparing For Bed

  • Take A Warm Bath. Use a Lavender or Chamomile scented bodywash to relax your senses.
  • Gather everything you will need for the next morning. Having everything ready for the next morning can allow your mind to remained relaxed and not focused on the next days plans.
  • Remove background sounds. Remove all sounds from your house possible. This includes dishwasher, washer, dryer, tv, etc. If others are in the house, keep your door shut. The only noise should be white noise or soft music..see below
  • After brushing your teeth. Drink a small glass of water. Not so much that you will need to use the bathroom but at least 4 ounces to clear the mouth and throat of any tastes.
  • Remove all light from the room. If some light is neccesary, limit it to a low night light.

In Bed

  • Wear comfortable night clothes.
  • Consider using a memory foam pillow for your head and another pillow between your legs to support your spine if you are a side sleeper.If you suffer from snoring, a snore pillow may work for you.
  • Massage your temples. Gently press the pads of your fingers onto your temples while lying on your back. Close your eyes and gently massage your temples. This relaxing act can while you calm and clear your mind.
  • Use a freestanding fan to circulate the oxygen in the room. This doubles as a source of white noise
  • Using Music, such as Celtic Spa can be incredibly relaxing. Play near the bed but at least a few feet away from the head. Set to play continuously throughout the night. Good nighttime music should have a smooth transition from one song to the next.


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