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Top Natural Ways To Reduce Body Fat

Updated on January 27, 2014

Start Weight Loss In 2 Weeks

To maintain a perfect figure is not very difficult, but only if you keep an eye on food you eat and drink.Fat around belly is hardest to lose but success come to those who try So lets do it.

2 Ways Of Reducing Weight:

There are two ways to reduce this fat. First is easiest, by using weight lose medicines. Hundreds of products and medicines are available in market which people are using to reduce weight and shape their body.These medicines can only make you slim for a shorter period of time.Second is trying natural remedies which will take longer time but are cheaper and beneficial. In my opinion, Its better to try natural foods which won't harm you in anyway. Lets have a look what type of fat we have.

Types Of Fat:

There are two types of fat one which is gathered around your belly. One which you can see from outside and the other which you can't because its accumulated around your inner organs. This fat is not bad if its limited because its providing cushion to your organs. It will only be dangerous when you have to much fat outside your belly and due to lack of space, fat is gathering inside as well.When deposit around Liver and Heart, it will create many health problems like heart attack etc.

Smart People, Happy Ones:

A new research also tells fat around belly make you depress and frustrated.Health brings positive emotions which lead to happiness. For healthy and happy life style you should lose weight.


Four Drinks To Loss Weight In 2 Weeks

Try these four drinks for at least 15 days and see the result. They will not only reduce weight but will also clean your inner system and make you healthy.

Plain Water:

Yes, I know it seems silly. But drinking water will energize your body and flush the toxins out. Drink as much as you can specially before your meal, at least one full glass.

Lemon Water:

Every morning drink minimum 1 glass of Lukewarm water, with a little bit of lemon in it. Lemon water is the most important drink in losing fat and you will start seeing result in 2 weeks only. All fruit juices have some calories but Lemon water is the one with zero calories and the healthiest drinks of all. It will reduce your hunger. By drinking it in morning will activate your body's detoxifying process. The more you drink lemon water,more weight you will loss.

Green Tea:

Its rich in antioxidants and is well known in its weight loss properties. So try to replace it with tea and coffee. Try to drink it two to three times a day.

Cinnamon Tea:

It helps to process body sugar, which will reduce fat accumulation in the body.Make sure you are using Ceylon Cinnamon not Cassia from China.

Have You Tried To Loss Weight In Past

Were you successful?

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Foods To Loss Weight

Eat more colourful fruits and vegetable.Stock your kitchen with fruits and vegetables. Cook at home, do not use too many ready made meals. The secret of vegetables and fruit is, they are rich in nutrients and less in calories. Add beans, eggs and soups in your cooking list. For snacking,eat nuts or fruit like apple.

While you are losing weight eat whole grain bread and brown rice. Swap white pasta with brown and eat protein rich food.Give these natural foods at least 2 weeks to show you some results. They are not medicines so they won't work rapidly. You have to be patient and regular in order to achieve your desire result.

Drink More Water

If you drink coffee,tea and soda, then drink more water to compensate. As these drinks cause your body to expel water.

Common Sense Wieght Lose Tips

  1. Eat slowly and enjoy your food.
  2. Use a small plate for food.
  3. Do not skip a meal.
  4. Keep hydrated.
  5. Do regular exercise.
  6. Limit your alcohol intake.
  7. Reduce sugar.


I am not a doctor or a medical professional, all the information written is from my personal experience and from reading web and books. This is all for information only, please do consult a doctor or a relevant professional if you have any medical condition before using this information.


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