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Natural Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain

Updated on July 20, 2015

Pain is a sign that the body uses to warn of a problem that needs attention. For those who suffer from chronic pain, there is nothing more debilitating, distressing and unpleasant feeling. Chronic pain is described as pain that persists for three months or more.

There are numerous diseases that cause chronic pain, such as musculoskeletal pains: joint and muscle pains. Even if we wish to live in pain is not easy, and while we test various physical therapies (massage, exercise, physiotherapy), the pain is still bothering us until we cannot tolerate. And while chronic pain can have many causes, there are effective treatments that can alleviate, although each treatment must be individualized. Besides that you should also consider the emotional aspect of patient suffering from pain.

How to prevent? We still know little in terms of preventing chronic pain. These are just some of the suggestions made by health professionals that could help prevent it. However, these measures have to prove scientifically. Do not wait that long too long before consulting for persistent pain. The pain may leave scars in neuronal circuits. More pain persists. The emotional consequences could be great, and it also aggravates the pain.

There are several types of therapies and natural remedies can also help. Among them, physical therapy, which includes stretching and strengthening activities-and low-impact aerobic exercises, such as walking, swimming, and bicycling? In that sense, occupational therapy, for example, teaches the pace you have to take and how to make common tasks in different ways. While behavioral therapy helps reduce pain by methods such as meditation and yoga to help relax the body and reduce stress. In these cases we turn to painkillers, but we cannot make them for a long time, as they have adverse effects mainly affecting our digestive tract, and can cause us gastritis, gastric ulcers even. Fortunately all is not lost.

Vitamin D has been shown to be useful in reducing this pain, and there are also natural painkillers herbal for chronic pain, which can be of great help and that we show below:

Willow Bark Willow bark is a very effective alternative to relieve chronic pain, and there is evidence that is safer and more effective than prescription anti-inflammatory (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). The willow barks extract which proved to be effective in a recent study contained 60mg of salicin per tablet.

Omega 3 is part of the most highly effective natural anti-inflammatory that you can find. It is acquired in considerable amounts of flax-seed, but is also present in many other fish.

Boswellia serrata is a tree whose resin is widely used for pharmaceutical uses. In a study of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, which consumed all reported a decrease in pain and swelling of the knee, along with greater flexibility and increased the distance they could travel on foot. The dose used was Boswellia extract 1000mg per day.

Turmeric extract Efficient against a number of illnesses. Turmeric is an excellent solution against discomfort by decreasing swelling and encourages blood flow.

The red pepper in our food so delicious has a anti-inflammatory substance that helps reduce painful joint parts and muscle tissue, especially if they result from joint disease

Alternative therapies. In so doing, it can often be helpful. This can be quite significant relief ending drastically reduce their conventional medication. Some of these alternative therapies combine different things as traditional Chinese medicine and herbal treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine also combines different things on a comprehensive treatment plan, such as acupuncture, and dietary changes.


Many are turning to acupuncture to deal with chronic pain.

Traditionally, acupuncture is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Like all traditional Chinese science, acupuncture is based on the use of fine needles into strategic points of the body called meridians to release the lock. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that diseases and conditions are due to block energy that is out of balance. The energy called chi must flow freely for us to be healthy and pain-free. The needles are positioned in the centers of energy called meridians. Treatment of this type stimulates nerves and sends impulses throughout the body.

Other alternative therapies for many resorts are chiropractic. This is particularly true of those who try to relieve the back, hips, and neck. Suggests chiropractic manipulation of the spine to be placed in proper alignment, this is corrected with various sources of pain, including injuries. The premise is that when our spine is not aligned, the bones of the vertebrae are altered and cause pain.

Massages are often considered serious alternative therapies for pain relief. By massaging the area, sending a stream of blood. Massage also relieves pain in this area. Reflexology is a form of massage that focuses on certain parts of the feet and hands that correlate with the different systems of the body. By massaging these areas, energy stimulates the body to the feet and hands reflect.


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