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Natural Yeast Infection Cures

Updated on July 24, 2009

Nobody likes a yeast infection; the itching, the burning, the inconvenience. If you’ve had vaginal thrush before, you’d probably be inclined to run down to the local drugstore the moment you feel that familiar vaginal itching and pick up some Monistat -- but did you know there are natural, homeopathic and organic yeast infection treatments available which could prevent or cure your candidiasis? In fact, many of these natural remedies for candida albicans are often used a last resort by physicians -- even though they work as well or better than traditional medicines in many cases. Read on for some of the natural yeast infection cures available today.

Lactobacillus Tablets and Vaginal Suppositories

You’ve probably heard of healthy bacteria like Lactobacillus. Good bacteria helps the vaginal ecosystem function normally, keeping fungus like candida albicans from getting out of control. It’s thought that low levels of these types of good bacteria are responsible for yeast infections, and some studies have shown what appears to be a correlatin between low levels of Lactobacillus and high levels of yeast. Probiotic Lactobacillus supplements are available to keep the good bacteria levels up, and they are available in tablet form or as a vaginal suppository.

Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

In clinical trials, Boric acid suppositories cured vaginal yeast infections as effectively as itraconazole, an oral anti-fungal medication. These aren’t quite so common, but there are products like Yeast Guard on the market that many women prefer over traditional medicines. If you’ve had a recurring candida infection that doesn’t seem to want to go away, you may want to try one of these. Note that the product pictured is called Yeastaway and is also homeopathic.

Tea Tree Oil Suppositories

You’ve probably heard of the wonders of Tea Tree Oil; is there anything it can’t cure? It seems as though it can even treat yeast infections, and you can purchase it in the form of a vaginal suppository. Please note: this is a specially prepared form of Tea Tree Oil designed for vaginal usage – please do not use insert regular tea tree oil into your vagina!

Yeast Gard Homeopathic Vaginal Suppositories

If you're not familiar with homeopathic medicine, it basically means treating the body by stimulating its natural defense system via exposure to minute trace quantities of whatever it is you want to treat. Some people swear by it, some swear at it. If you like the idea of homeopathic yeast infection treatment, this is probably what you want, and it gets very good reviews by those who've used it to treat candidiasis.

Combination Vaginal Suppositories

If you want to combine Boric acid, Lactobacillus and other natural remedies like Tea Tree oil into one yeast infection treatment, you may want to try a product like Yeast Arrest. As with the previous candida cures, this one functions in much the same way, but with a different ingredient. Please note: this is a specially prepared form of Tea Tree Oil designed for vaginal usage – please do not use insert regular tea tree oil into your vagina!

pH restoring vaginal cleansers

Please note – these are not douches, as douching is bad for you and can actually help create a yeast infection. These are vaginal cleansers, such as Nirena, which contain anti-fungal properties, but which still maintain healthy vaginal bacteria and balance the vagina’s pH. Incidentally, these can also help combat nasties like Bacterial Vaginosis and other causes of vaginitis. If used correctly, these can treat a yeast infection without overdoing it, leaving your natural vaginal pH the way it was meant to be.


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