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Natural genital wart Removal

Updated on March 28, 2009

Genital wart removal can be a very expensive process. Some people resort to natural genital wart removal as this is not only cheaper than medical treatment but can also save them from feeling embarrassed in consulting the doctor of a sexually transmitted disease.

Human Pailloma Virus (HPV) is a microscopic wart virus which is highly contagious, transmissible by skin contact. Medical HPV testing can diagnose strains of this virus and is the best way it can be detected before it gets full blown. Natural genital wart removal can be better option for those on a tight budget, those if administered, it has to be carefully done as the skin would have adverse effects on different natural genital wart removal.

Natural genital wart removal can be very effective and at the same time painless. Most physicians would recommend typical wart removal treatments like freezing by cryosurgery, burning by electrocautery, laser treatment, or other topical pharmaceutical ointments. Naturopathin doctor cam also be an option which is less invasive than the others. Although warts can be removed and can disappear for long term, the HPV infection will no longer be cured, causing the possibility of genital warts to recur.

The genital area is a very sensitive part of the body, and if you choose natural genital wart removal, it is very important that you’d be very careful not to cause irritation on your genital areas. It is still very wise to seek professional help from a doctor as to the application of natural genital wart removal.

A very simple concoction of onion juice is one example of a natural genital wart removal which you can do at home. You can make onion juice by slicing onions and covering it with salt overnight. You can apply the juice to your infected genital area about 3 times per day. You should expect that this natural genital wart removal will make the warts disappear in 1 week at least. Natural genital wart removal might take different duration of time, depending on the type of warts on the genitals.


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