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Natural Remedy For Scabies – Useful Home Remedies to Cure Scabies

Updated on December 3, 2010
Mixed with witch hazel, tea tree oil is a lotion that can be used after a shower.
Mixed with witch hazel, tea tree oil is a lotion that can be used after a shower.

If you think chicken pox is bad, the out of control need to scratch, particularly during the nighttime is one of the fateful symptoms connected with the scratchy skin condition that is scabies. Looking for solutions for a scabies dilemma is vital because insistent scratching could lead to further severe problems. This particularly happens when a rupture in your skin grows, resulting to another bacterial illness to occur. To fight more complications related with scabies, you should consider the subsequent natural remedy for scabies:

Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel

Mixing ninety ml of distilled witch hazel and ten ml of tea tree oil could be used as an efficient lotion to utilize following a shower or batch.

Pure Lavender Oil

When applied to affected areas, mixing alcohol with pure lavender oil is offered as a treat for scabies. It is essential to make certain that you apply adequate mixture to saturate and penetrate the skin. A few persons have found much success with this home remedy.

Neem Oil

Created from the plant extract, neem oil is a botanical pesticide. There are numerous different means that neem oil makes a good natural remedy for scabies. One hundred ml of neem oil could be intended for direct application and bathing intentions. Some individuals have used one hundred fifty ml to make a neem oil bubble bath. Fifty grams of neem oil could produce an anti-septic cream if combined with turmeric that suggests relief and treatment from soreness. Also, there are manufacturers that recommend applying a neem oil stick to the affected broken skin.

Cool Water Soaks

Itching linked to scabies is lessened when drenched in a cool bath of water or a wet, cool washcloth is applied to parts of aggravated skin. It is the simplest yet useful home remedies to cure scabies.

To stop reinfestation or the spread of mites, there are some actions to consider. It is imperative to clean every linen and clothing linked with a contaminated individual. This practice should happen before treatment by means of soapy, hot water on each and every clothes, sheets, towels, pillowcases, and comforters. Soaring heat is suggested when drying. You should dry-clean the garments you cannot clean at home. Try considering these natural remedy for scabies and find out what works best for you.


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    • Spankboy profile image

      Spankboy 7 years ago from United States

      Cool hub!

      Thanks for sharing (-:

    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 7 years ago from Superior, Arizona

      This was a good hub about natural treatments of scabies. But somehow with scabies a person is probably searching for a quick solution (easy to find) and perhaps from a drugstore.

      Include a few western medicine treatments for reasonable cost and I think you have a 90 piece. As for natural treatments, this is a very good hub.