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Naturally Lower Cholesterol

Updated on January 30, 2011

Lower high cholesterol naturally

Having high cholesterol can be detrimental to your health. There are simple natural ways you can lower your cholesterol.

When I was first told by my doctor that my cholesterol was very high, my doctor recommended purchasing "Flaxseed Oil". "Flaxseed Oil" is an over-the-counter supplement. It's affordable and found near the vitamin section in stores.

Of couse I took my physicians advice to lower my cholesterol I also did some research on how to lower my cholesterol eating certain foods.

Because I am someone who enjoys finding natural ways to fix health issues, before I started popping pills, my research taught me how I can lower my cholesterol naturally. My next doctors appointment was scheduled and I had three months to lower my cholesterol.

I started to eat oatmeal four times a week. Eating oatmeal was never in my diet. I made it a huge part of my diet. I also replaced my sugar cereal with Cheerios and Raisin Bran. I gave up eating cheeses and pepperoni daily (which I ate at least five times a week) and gave up fried foods. I waitress for a living and it is very easy to eat fried food almost everyday because it's so easily accessible. One more major adjustment I made was to eat oatmeal cookies instead of cookies filled with tons of sugar. I also purchase granola bars which it's main ingredient is oatmeal.

I focused on changing my diet througout the three month period and at my next doctors appointment my cholesterol went down 38 points. Wow. Keep in mind I chose not to take the "Flaxseed Oil" supplement as of yet. I wanted to see if I could lower my cholesterol naturally by changing my eating habits. It works and changing my eating choices has helped in lowering my cholesterol.

At my next doctors appointment the doctor gave me a blood test and called me a few days later to discuss my cholesterol level. She was pleased to inform me my cholesterol was down 38 points and told me to continue to take the "Flaxseed Oil" supplement. I then told my doctor I never started to take the "Flaxseed Oil" supplement. I then explained to her how I lowered my cholesterol naturally and she was so pleased I shared that information with her. She sincerely was impressed.

Because my cholesterol was so high, I then added to my daily routine taking one "Flaxseed Oil" supplement per day in addition to me changing my diet. I went back for another check up to have another blood test three months later. My doctor called me a few days later to give me the results of my blood work and told me my cholesterol went down ever more.

Keep in mind I did not give up eating the foods I love. I simply would eat the foods which made my cholesterol sky high in moderation. Moderation is key. I stopped eating all of the foods which made my cholesterol so high daily. I ate all the wrong foods everyday and after 40 years of eating the wrong foods my cholesterol was out of control.

Let me reiterate. I ate fried foods daily. I ate fried mozzarella sticks, fried chicken, fried wings, french fries, and loved eating Bleu Cheese. Bleu Cheese is very high in cholesterol. Nachos with re-fried beans all over them with Guacamole. Avocados are very high in cholesterol. I don't deprive myself of my favorite foods I simply eat them in moderation.

Another suggestion my doctor gave me was stop eating steak and red meat everyday. I don't eat steak and red meat daily. I have a steak once a month and a burger once a week. My meat intake is white meat grilled chicken. I eat grill chicken at home all the time and when I go out to eat and I already had my steak for the month I'll order blackened or Cajun grill chicken. Most of the time I'll request a plain baked potato with steamed vegetables. I'll skip the french fries and I am satisfied and full.

You can lower your cholesterol the natural way.  Good luck everyone and stay heart healthy.


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  • Ruby H Rose profile image

    Maree Michael Martin 

    6 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

    Thanks for the reminder to get some more flax seed oil. I have been eating too many wheat products, back to my oatmeal.

  • Joanna Verdan profile image

    Joanna Slodownik 

    7 years ago from New Jersey

    Wow, this is really great and inspiring story how by making small changes we can make a difference in our health. Let's just imagine for a moment what would happen if we all made such changes, or even went all the way - i.e. stopped eating all animal products and highly processed foods for a couple of weeks (or months, or forever...) and just consumed lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, etc. - what would our nation's health and weight be?

  • profile image

    Mike in L.A. 

    8 years ago


    There is a book called "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill", by Udo Erasmus. I am finding it a fascinating read, as it contains a vast amount of information on fats. Nutrition is complicated and there is a lot of well-intentioned misinformation on the internet. I encourage anyone interested in these topics to seek out this book at your local library and read it carefully.

    On page 67 the subject is cholesterol from food sources:

    "Only foods from animal sources contain cholesterol - plant foods are cholesterol free. Cholesterol is found in eggs, meat, dairy products, fish, and shellfish.

    The average North American adult consumes about 800 mg of cholesterol daily, of which about 45% comes from eggs, 35% from meat, and 20% from dairy. About half of the dietary cholesterol is actually absorbed. The rest passes through unused."

  • mailxpress profile imageAUTHOR

    Michelle Cesare 

    8 years ago from New York

    Daddy Paul,

    Flax seed provides fiber? I never knew that. Thanks.

  • Daddy Paul profile image

    Daddy Paul 

    8 years ago from Michigan

    Good read. Good for you.

    If you can stand to eat it flax seed does a nice job of raising good and lowering bad cholesterol. It provides fiber.

  • frogyfish profile image


    9 years ago from Central United States of America

    Hey, great work in changing your diet to achieve your goal! Keep up the good work, and thanks for your comment on my cholesterol hub too. That flaxseed oil is a winner! And so is fish oil, but yuk, mostly! Cheers to you!

  • mailxpress profile imageAUTHOR

    Michelle Cesare 

    9 years ago from New York

    Hi MistHaven,

    I'm happy to hear my Hub was interesting. Yes, I do enjoy finding natural ways of doing things before I simply start popping pills. Again thanks for reading and I hope my Hub help others too.


  • MistHaven profile image


    9 years ago from New Jersey

    Great Hub on how to naturally lower cholesterol. I'm like you in the sense that I'd rather find a natural way to fix a health issue instead of having to immediately rely on medicine or surgery. I'm just not a fan of putting unnatural stuff in my system.


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