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Nazi Pediatricians

Updated on August 18, 2010

A Doctor's Visit, or Gestapo Interogation?

I recently took my child for her periodic check-up. They weigh her, measure her height, check her tonsils, and so on and so forth. This last visit was a bit alarming though. First, they gave me an intern seeking her residency (a rookie) instead of the doctor she has had since literally before she was born.

This doctor spent most of the time asking me questions about her home life.There were many questions but some of them tripped my 'Gestapo detector.' I've already had to fight the Social Services Child Protection Nazi's off. It only took a year and a half, so I'm very leery of any intrusive questions. I'm not talking eating and sleeping habits either. She started asking me "Is there a firearm in the home?"

I said "That has nothing to do with a child's health, therefore none of your business."

She then went on to lecture me about the vaccines I had refused for my child. Every time she gets one, she gets sick for about a month. These are no good to her. I asked the doctor "Can you name all of the ingredients in them in layman's terms?" "Well since you can't I will do it for you. They contain monkey brains, Thermerosol, (which is mostly mercury) aluminum, silicone, monkey brain viruses, and live viruses of various sorts."

The doctor then went on to ask if we drank the city's tap water. I explained that I go into the mountains once a week to get pure Rocky mountain spring water. She then went on to lecture me about the importance of fluoride. I then retorted with the things I know about fluoride. I asked her "Do you know where the first water fluoridation was done? It was done in the Nazi death camps to subdue the Jews and make them docile. Do you want my daughter to be docile?" "Do you want holes to be eaten in her brain?" She couldn't handle me any more. She went and fetched the head paediatrician.

They then pulled my daughter aside into another room and told me to wait outside the room. I could here them in there asking her questions. When I finally got my daughter out of the "interogation chamber" she told me they were trying to talk her into drinking fluoride tap water. She told them "no." I said "That's my girl!"

I came to learn later that all doctor's offices that except Medicaid or Medicare are required by statute to ask a series of questions of all children to enter into a government database. I simply refuse to answer them. In the end, the big government Nazi's will lose because your average American is a little more leery of handing over control like they have in other countries.


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    • Portamenteff profile image

      Portamenteff 7 years ago from Western Colorado, USA

      sorry it took so long to get to your comment. thank you.

    • profile image

      TheJiggins 7 years ago

      Good article! I am definitely following you.