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How to have younger looking skin, less wrinkles, firmer and tighter skin.

Updated on August 19, 2015

How it began

While playing Words with friends, I hear the infamous "ding" from my iPad. It was my facebook friend, Sue, from my old neighborhood. She explained that she had discovered a new anti-aging serum and wanted to share her experience with me. I read her message and did not think much about it. You know, just another miracle serum pretending to reduce wrinkles, tighten and firm your skin. Being my spectacle old self, I dismissed the information. I already have a draw full of products claiming to be the fountain of youth. So I go back to my Words with friends game.

The next couple of days, Sue, invites me to a demonstration party. Unfortunately, I had a commitment that night at my daughters school And had to decline. Later that evening, I observed on Facebook, pictures of people who used the serum before and after pictures. They were amazing, but again, it could be photoshopped.

My friend Sue

My friend Sue dropped off the sample for me in my mailbox along with a couple of brochures describing the research and science behind the Nerium AD. Later that day I went to my mailbox. My product was in a nice bag in purple and beige. The packaging was so pretty. That evening before I went to bed I washed my face and applied the serious as directed on the pamphlet.

As I laid in bed, I felt as though my face was being engerized. it was a cool sensation with a slight tightening feeling. It felt refreshing and I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning, I felt like my face was firmer and tighter. I looked in the mirror and seen a better face. My eyes looked a bit wider, my skin tone was better and it did not feel greasy.

Wow! I love this product! It was like nothing I'd ever tried before.

I am amazed at my results in just 5 days!

It's too good to be true. My wrinkles are disappearing,

my skin tone looks better, less redness and my skin feels

as good as it looks!

Before trying Nerium AD



This is me before using the product. I washed my face and did not apply any mosturizer.

I took this picture in my bathroom on my iPad. No photoshopping or editing. I took this picture for my own observation. So I would have proof if this really works. This photo was taken on May 2 at 9:45pm

AFTER 5 uses

This picture was taken on May 7 in the morning after washing my face. Again, no photoshopping or editing. I did have waterproof eyeliner that was still on my eyes from the night before.

What is Nerium made of?

According to the NeriumAD website, Nerium cream is made from an extract of Nerium Oleander, which is usually just referred to as oleander. While oleander is actually a toxic plant, it is also known for its antioxidant properties and has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. Nerium Cream harnesses these properties, safely, and has turned them into both a night cream and a day cream; two of the most effective anti-aging products on the market. In fact, the company even did blood tests during their clinical trials to make sure that there was no oleander present in the bloodstream when using their products.

Side be side to directly compare results

What Nerium AD is made of

As soon as I touched the product with my finger I felt the richness & creamiest.

— DJ Cozzi

Nerium reported on ABC News

What about my body?

There is also a body contouring cream. I have seen pictures of many before and afters. I will also try this product and report on my results. Make sure to stay tuned for these results on my future hub.

In Summary

I have seen positive results with this product in just 5 days. With that being said, I am researching product information. There has been some negative reports regarding toxicity. I have not purchased the product yet. The five day serum was free as I mentioned before. So, after more research, and consulting some friends with credentials I will decide. It is expensive, another detail I must take in consideration! Will I purchase Nerium AD or not? Stay tuned to further reports!


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    • rls8994 profile image


      3 years ago from Mississippi

      Wow, I can definately see a differance. I am usually pretty weary about trying things like that but this sounds like it really might be worth looking into. Thanks for the info! :)


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