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My thoughts on Life - Simply Be

Updated on November 20, 2009

Everywhere you go there is life. Most of life we can easily see. I look up in a clear blue sky and I see a beautiful yellow balloon, drifting among the clouds. It makes me feel so good, especially if it is before noon and the sun is softly shining, casting a shadow across a tall building or along a green and grassy lawn. That beautiful balloon might have caused one little girl to cry to her mama because the string of it got loose of her tiny finger, and her balloon took off into the sky. But why should she cry? Why should it matter? She can still get another balloon. It only costs about a quarter or fifty cents.

We can make sense of it all -- this life and what it means. First we will need to answer some questions. Should we enjoy whatever the day brings our way? Could we control the outcome? Can we make ourselves happy? Or do we need for something in addition to make ourselves happy?

This is a tough matter. But it doesn't have to be. I'm going to try to bring some light to it. Has anyone ever told you that you can make brick from straw? Well, has anyone ever mentioned to you that you can make happiness from sadness? You must have heard it said that "you can be as happy as you make your mind up to be."

There are so many ways that this can be accomplished. For one, and this is a biggie: You can always look on the bright side of things. Like, if you don't have any shoes to wear, look around and you are sure to find someone who doesn't have any feet. Just think of all that you can do with your feet. You can run alongside of the ocean waves as you playfully try to keep the water from wetting your rolled up slacks, while your toes makes their temporary imprints on its sandy particles. You can paint your toenails, red or blue. And you can simply enjoy going barefoot. I've seen on television a man who could play the guitar with his toes.

Do something daring for once in your life.  Anything.  Have you ever considered Bungee jumping.  I have never.  It is not my cup of tea either.  But while visiting South Africa back in 2007, I went on a hot air balloon ride.  It was the most exciting thing I've done.  The scenery from above was incredibly tranquil and stunning.

When I look at Nick Vujicic who was born with neither arms nor legs, I feel spirit move within me. That takes me to this point. We are all spirit beings. We have a brain, a heart, blood vessels, bones and skin. But the most important of all is that we have spirit. And spirit is what it is all about. And that is the thing that keeps us moving within.

There is life all around us. Even that which our eyes cannot see. Microorganisms. You can't see them unless you look through an electron microscope. There is also the neutrons and electrons that are moving about. It is quite a phenomenon, the world we can't so easily visualize. But it is all put together. Scientist are doing a great job at explaining it all. And there is still much to learn. Be sure to hold on to your hats. This thing called life can take it away. Invisible breezes and trees swaying. Wild! With all there is to learn about, how is it that there is a single bored or unhappy person on this earth?

The answer may surprise you. But I've already asked: Can we make ourselves happy? The answer is 'yes'. Today is gone tomorrow. Most of us can deal with that without any problem whatsoever. But what about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and so many more hundreds days gone by that a hundred years has come along. Will you still be here a hundred years from now? I know your answer will go something like: Who wants to be here that long? I have some comments I want to share with you regarding that.

First, let me say 'no' you won't be here a hundred years from now. Second, let me say 'yes'you will be here a hundred years from now. You shake your head. You wonder where I come up with these answers. The answers come from within. Haven't you heard it said, and many times I would imagine, that if you want an answer to a question, you seek within yourself to find the answers to life's questions. Yes a hundred years from now, you might say: I will have died and my grandchildren will no longer be alive. Then,do you know what would be the best thing for you to do right now, I mean right this minute? You better get on with living. Think about it.

It has to do with how you are feeling

Think about life. It's not all that easy. Because you are going to feel it. You are going to feel it to some degree. You feel it when your hand touches a hot surface. You jerk your hand away. You felt it when you were just a young child and you fell and skinned both your knees. You felt it when you were rejected by that person you wanted to be friends with. You felt it when your parents refused to buy you that toy or the little dogie in the window. I find parents these days really go all out for buying their children toys to play with. So many toys. When I was coming up, I never had that many toys. And when Santa came, I was happy with just a single toy, a baby doll. I think that those toys are good to give the children. And it is good for them to have many. It could shelter them from feeling any sense of lack. I'm not referring to the same thing as giving a gift. A gift is to be cherished, and thought of as very special. It should not be something you play with today and forgotten about it tomorrow, and thrown in with all the other forgotten toys loaded in the closet or in the box under the bed. A gift should be something you want to keep for as long as you live. Children should be taught to appreciate the value of a gift.

Is life a little too hard right now? So what could be so difficult about you losing your job, or your wife divorcing you? Has one of your parents died? It is a feeling you're going through. Can you learn to love your feelings whatever they might be. You feel bad because you got a low grade in chemistry. Worse yet, you feel bad because you failed the entire class. And how are you going to get out of debt! Guess what? The sun will come out tomorrow. You've heard it said before that nothing ever remains the same for too long. Sooner or later a change will come.

Sometimes the change takes away the sadness and a new day of happiness and love dawns. Sometimes it takes away our gladness and we are back with feeling sad. You have to roll with the punches. And if you don't have any money today, you could be rich by tomorrow. If there is no one to love you now, then you are surely destined to meet the person that is so right for you. If today you are crying, tomorrow you will be laughing. And what goes around comes around. We are in this thing together. There are good reasons why. And I'm going to share them with you in my next Hub on the subject matter.

In the meantime there is lots of happiness in snuggling up with your teddy bear after sipping that hot cup of tea before going to bed. Good night.


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