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Never Fall for It Twice...

Updated on May 10, 2020

The Sinister side of self help

Do not feel ashamed, it happens to all of us and can happen to anyone. That is what it is designed for. The geniuses who created these scenarios have well thought out the human psyche so well to pick at the right nerves to generate a certain response . They sat in that secret lab under ground somewhere testing and observing for years, only to come to this conclusion. It has been tested for generations achieving the same results. You are no fool, you are human and the ones who choose to use the power of the mind against people to make money are the real monsters.

I cannot get over the fact that all the self help books I have read helped me out a lot, but I do not want you to get bamboozled into believing that you cannot live without it. I was in that very spot for a very long time. but I would not be who I am without having gone through it. I am just glad I Was able to come to the light. Some people never do, and those are the ones that keep obliviously handing over all their life savings to the rich dudes who are duping them into believing this. It is bullshit. Consider my side on this, you are unaware of noticing this because the method they use. It works for a reason.

I am not saying that all self help content is bad, I just want to press on the fact that seeing it from a different angle is better than believing you need it to survive.

You will get hooked and not want to stop. Believe me I know. so get out while you still can. A lot of the books I have read and videos I have watched are amazing and they do make me feel better, but like anything that is good in this world, there is a bad side as well. Have you ever read self help books for a long time and then stopped? You almost feel like you want to die, its like the effects of coffee when they wear off. You get cranky and almost can not function until you get that cup of coffee. you know what I am talking about. You have seen those zombies in the dunkin donuts drive thru. I know that everyone has encountered that grouchy co-worker in the morning. You need more to feel better, and you need to constantly pump your veins with the deplorable content that is supposed to make you feel better.

I cannot believe that I am actually saying this because most of my you tube videos are related to self help. They are all about it, I was a huge advocate for years, but I must have been blind. Because a few weeks ago my eyes were opened to the cruel truth, helping yourself is amazing but do not let it sink into your cranium too deep. It will brain wash you and keep you crippled to never being able to function unless you have the latest book or have watched the newest video on the subject.

Self help is like any other sales market, they need people to feel like shit to make money. So they create a blanket statement to relate to the masses and then make it feel like you must keep purchasing their content to feel this good. Its common sense really. How else would they keep selling more and more? Just like lotion, it is designed to make your skin soft, but only temporarily, so you have to keep applying it and buying more to keep your skin soft. In reality if you have dry skin, lotion is the last most possible option to go for. I can go into detail about dry skin, but I am not a doctor and I honestly do not know all the facts. But what I do know is that not everything is as straight forward as it appears.

Try to cut out something you use a lot. If lotion was the cure for dry skin people would only need to buy it once and then all cosmetic company's would eventually just go out of business. Now that is not a very good marketing tactic is it? No, they actually make your skin dryer than not using it at all. It creates an addiction, to make you keep buying the product. It builds a craving so deep that most people are not even aware that they are addicted.

Self help works the same as that, you apply the balm on the dry skin long enough to feel supple and glowing thinking that ointment is somehow healing your dry skin, when in reality it is creating an unrealistic softness long enough to make your skin dependent on it enough to keep reapplying. You read a book that tells you the same generic bullshit that works with any situation, and if you are desperate enough you will alter it to fit your current setting whether it has anything to do with you or not. You watch that video that makes you feel unbelievably on top of the world for a day maybe... then you crash harder than before. So naturally you crawl right back to the thing that you think made you feel on top of the world. It only creates a sense of false hope and impractical godliness. It does not last, if gives you a teaser of what you could be all the time. It makes you feel inhuman for experiencing human emotions.

The point I am trying to make is, deciding to help yourself is amazing. I support it, but please do not get sucked into believing that having a bad day is wrong. Do not succumb to feeling like a failure for exhibiting a negative emotion. You could be sad or upset, it is natural, but self help takes it to the extreme and forces you to punish yourself for not being obnoxiously happy all the fucking time.

© 2020 Virginia


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