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Never Stop Dreaming

Updated on October 4, 2019

Every man decorates beautiful dreams in his eyes and tries his best to fulfill them. Success in life is found on the basis of these dreams. There is no age to dream and as long as the person keeps trying to materialize the dreams, then his life continues on the steps of success. But in our country, as soon as the age of 35 - 40 years, people start to stop dreaming. They start thinking that they have become what they wanted to be. Those who wanted to learn, learned, what is the benefit of learning more? Life is not left to be anything else. Now those who have become, will have to follow the same path.

The path of development becomes blocked in the lives of those possessing such Negative Thinking. Apart from this, many people also think negatively that in life they could not become what they wanted to be, who wanted to learn, could not learn, now there is no age to become anything else and learn. In this way, people who are going beyond the age of 35 - 40 feel that nothing new will happen in their life, it is too late to do anything new. Our way forward is also closed. The energy of body and mind is also not together as before.

But if someone is determined to do something in his life, then age does not become an obstacle in his work and the energy of the body does not obstruct his work; Because it is determined by the mind, by the power of the mind. Therefore every obstacle, every difficulty and trouble is forced to bow down before him. It was due to this power of mind that Leonardo da Vinci created one of his famous painting "Monalisa" at the age of 51, and it was the most acclaimed in his life.

Similarly, the fiery personality Nelson Mandela struggled for a long time in his life and after the age of 75 he became the President of South Africa. If these people were thinking negatively about their age and body's weakening of energy and thinking, then they would not have achieved any special success at such a young age. The famous conductor of Indian culture Goswami Tulsidas ji also started writing the Ramcharit Manas at the age of 90. Similarly, there are many such faces in different dimensions of life, there are countless examples, whose dreams tasted success after a long Struggle.

The British novelist and poet CS Lui said that we are never too old to be able to set new goals, to see new dreams; Because in front of us there is no hindrance in making goals and dreaming. So instead of running away from them, we should be ready for them. If we only refuse to move forward, set goals and dream, no one will be able to prepare us for this. In order to move forward in our own life, we have to prepare ourselves to do something. We can get Inspiration for this from the outside world, but we have to self-Motivated our Conscience and we need to make efforts for it ourselves.

There is always a possibility to make life better, that's all we need to grow more. For this, it is necessary to first know about ourselves what we want. By knowing this clearly, we decide half our destination. Once the purpose and direction in life has been determined, appropriate plans should be made to reach what we want.

Divide your action plan into small goals and then work according to the plan. Along with this, increase your efficiency. Identify your shortcomings and try to overcome them as much as possible. Seeking advice and advice from time to time, even those who are experts of the prescribed work doubles our progress, highlighting our shortcomings, which can be overcome and we can move forward better.

There are some tasks in life for which age never becomes an obstacle, such as - to start studying, to change in career, to improve relationships, to become famous and successful, to get rid of your bad habits , To learn good habits, to increase efficiency, to fulfill your dreams, to bring self improvement, to travel the world, etc. Therefore any of these tasks can be chosen and a good direction can be given to your life.

It should be noted that in order to see Dreams, to get success in it, age is not required, our willpower is needed. No one can interfere in our situation and the past, if we are determined to fulfill them. The great scientist and former President APJ Abdul Kalam used to say that "Do not stop dreaming in life." One such famous philosopher has said - "Nobody gets old in life as long as it takes to fulfill their dreams." lives . When his dreams die, left unfulfilled, he also feels helpless. So Keep Dreaming always and never let your Dreams die, they should always be alive and alive; Because only the dreams adorned in our eyes are the source of our hopes. "


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