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New Year, New Life...?

Updated on December 30, 2015

There has been 61 New Years in my whole life, so what’s new every New Year that continues to be new or different from the past years? What new life does anyone want to happen in his/her life? The answers for this differ in the individual preferences and needs. It could be new home, new domicile; new acquisition of properties or objects, new level of personal growth, new love…the list could go on and on.

Personally, I have an idea of a new life that I would like to happen in the year 2016. This could just be a wish that may never find its existence in the physical reality or could also be a dream-come-true, only God knows, so to speak.

Whereas in the past five years that my husband and I were physically apart and that we did everything to no avail so that we can be together for good; this year is a hopeful year for us to finally be joined together. I have good reasons why I am hopeful for this year and I can cross my fingers for this hope to manifest. All my personal facts and documents had been submitted to the NVC for evaluation and that we are just waiting for the results for my final interview to get a visa for the U.S. This is the huge hurdle for a Filipina wife to go to the U.S. to join her husband; the precious and almighty U.S. visa.

Once I pass this hurdle then I will have a new life for the year 2016. This new life firstly would of course be consummating at last my marriage to an American who I just met in the net and secondly be starting my personal endeavor of becoming a published author in which I am intending to write a book of poems once my domicile is established in the U.S.; my husband would be my inspiration.

If and when my plans won’t push through, God forbid, because of the visa problem, would it mean that I would stop living and that a new life is impossible for me to achieve this year? Is death the final answer because of a failed plan?

Not at all, I am still me, the basically strong me. There is always an alternative for everything that is going on in this life. I just have to open my eyes and develop an open mind. Perhaps my hubby would be the one to come over and live with me in the Philippines then we can start running a business here; or perhaps, if my hubby won’t come over then I will live alone, no not really alone, I got loved ones here who sincerely care for me; what about my two successful children and my 6 beautiful grandchildren. I got friends too who through thick and thin had been around to help me stand back to my feet whenever I stumble and most of all I have a grand faith in my Creator to guide me and lead the way for me to a new and better life.

It’s always been like that in my whole life through; if I stumbled a thousand times, my Creator helped me stand up a million times.

Therefore, every New Year is always the beginning of a new life no matter what and where the direction of one’s life is going. Just have faith in God and trust that you have a perfect place in this vast Universe.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you Chuck, God bless you too.

    • profile image

      Chuck Tilman 2 years ago

      I am praying that your New Years dream will definitely come true to you and your husband to be together in 2016.