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New Year's Weight Loss Secrets!

Updated on March 20, 2014

There is Exercise and then There's Exercise!

I get my daily workout by running with the mustangs early in the morning Utah dew
I get my daily workout by running with the mustangs early in the morning Utah dew

Fad Diets Will Destroy Weight Regulation - Balance is the Key

Weight Controlis a very important issue with regard to good health and overall fitness. If you want to get control over your weight and your serious about making a healthier leaner you for that New Year's resolution, then continue on reading. This information is the basic staple and quite frankly the secrets behind any successful weight loss program.

In order to obtain the balance required to control weight and achieve good health “three” very important elements are essential to first understand about balancing body composition to control weight. In order to get a handle on weight control one has to have a good understanding of cause and effect pertaining to nutrition, exercise, and fitness.

The nutritional component is a molecular nourishment process within the body where living organisms assimilates food and replaces tissue and stimulates growth. If an organism can’t assimilate all that’s put into the body it will be stored as fat “pretty straight forward.”

  1. The exercise component is the act of putting the body to work while increasing metabolism, strengthening muscle, tendons, ligaments and bone maintenance to name a few” also burn more fuel [ideally “fat”]. Muscle burns more body fat.
  2. The fitness component is the effect of the first two essential elements toward maintaining and regulating body weight “the elements to good health are balanced, or their not.” “Fitness is defined as being the proper shape, size; “fit body” relative for your body type, age, sex, etc.” This is a fairly simplistic and generalized statement. “What seems normal and comfortable to you may not necessarily be fit, or healthy. We all tend to see ourselves differently as we gaze into the mirror.

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out the first two elements to balance overall weight control are dependent upon nutritional and exercise behavioral components. For example, if you over eat and don’t move your body with purpose “it will store excess fuel as fat.” If you never get adequate exercise “movement,” on a daily basis, especially as we age “we’ll tend to get heavier.” However, if we do the opposite, consume less and move around daily “with purpose,” the fat will slowly come off the body. The examples serve as a simplistic cause-effect of weight control, but one I can all relate too.

Big tip of the day, many weight loss food products offered within extreme dieting programs can be very dangerous for your health unmonitored! And one should “NEVER” enter a weight loss program based on starvation (800calories, or less, unless monitored weekly by a nutritionist). Let me be clear, these extreme fad diets “always” mess up metabolism at the cellular level. This means, you may have dramatic weight loss effects for the short term, but as soon as you go off the program and the old behavioral eating habits take hold, you’re body tends to grow bigger. Moderation is key in controlling weight and balancing the three important elements to lose weight and keep it off successfully.

Next I’ll provide you with an excellent example how to gage the nutritional component for weight management success. Here we look at counting calories as not an grueling chore for weight management success, but to understand the importance behind it. When you get time, go out and buy a nutrition-calorie handbook. These books are in almost every bookshop, grocery and online store, etc. Here I teach you the basics of calorie counting. Although counting calories is not fun, it is important that this relationship to what is being put into the body is understood. Once you see the example I lay out, you’ll completely see the importance in having a basic understanding of calorie counting, why people do it and what this means for weight loss and maintenance success. I paint the worst case scenario in this example in which you “should not follow” to lose weight. But I believe will get my point across quite nicely.

Believe it or not, many people work their diets this way. This is why crash course diets don’t work, e.g., high protein, high carbohydrate, or high fat diets. They set you up for quick weight loss results and failure. The body requires balance for the mind, body and soul. The fact of the matter is your body requires specific types of food group percentages with daily activity and exercise to burn effectively. If you don’t balance out your proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, your body will get sick. I consider obesity allowing the body to get sick, “ill with greater disease risk. This is the body’s way of telling you you’re making it sick (a weight scale is a great feedback mechanism). Your body also requires exercise. For those that don’t remember 3500 calories equal approximately 1 pound.

For my example, the total calories in a Quarter Pounder with cheese…“I know you hate the math, but here it is” [30g fat (9cals/gram)=270cal, 28g Carbohydrate (4cals/g)=152cal, and 27g Protein (4 cals/g)=108cal] Total Quarter Pounder Calories =530. There are 530 calories in a Quarter Pounder with cheese. If you want to lose weight, the suggested calories to consume in a day are as follows:

In our example above, if you ate 3xQuarter Pounders with cheese at 530cal each, this would max an average woman’s daily food intake in a day and then some. Calorie intake averages all over the map for men and women. For the sake of argument let’s average this out. Women require ~1700 cal/day and men require ~2500 cal/day. Men could eat approximately 4 in a day before they came close to maxing total calories in a day. Sounds great eh! You could lose weight this way right! Not!

“Oh I know, now some of you are thinking, perfect,” I’ll just eat 2-3 quarter pounders with cheese per day to lose weight because Marc shows this would be under my daily calorie requirement. Although this may be true “I mentioned no such thing, I merely painted one example of many habits people get themselves into to lose weight.” Even a fad diet example like “eating fresh” sub-sandwiches may work for the short-term, it will not work long term. The reason is you have not balanced your meals daily, nor have you learned to change your eating habits to balance out all you consume in life, throughout your lifetime.

The proportion of carbohydrates and proteins look fairly balanced looking at the quarter pounder with the exception of the fat composition. There is absolutely no balance in variety, very few vitamins, minerals or fiber. Most of these fast foods are processed with chemical names I can’t even pronounce (non-organic ingredients). If this were a daily diet, you’d be unsatisfied and eventually put on weight because of the processed chemicals in many of these foods and the artificially sweetened drinks you’d wash them down with. Within 5 days, your body would feel sick and you’d continue your old eating habits to feel better. Hence, behavior did not change, nor did your weight loss technique. A healthy consumption habit and daily exercise pays big dividends when consuming daily balanced meals.

“Unfortunately, many weight loss products or product fad services are available to all that will fall into this trap. Many consumers will try to expedite weight loss results through extreme dieting programs promising to melt off the pounds.” In all my years of working in the field of health and fitness with a clear understanding of the human body, I’ve rarely seen a “quick” weight loss program that works for the long-term. Don’t confuse the “rarely” with services-products that provide long-term healthy weight loss benefits by changing behavior. I agree with programs that promote a balanced nutritious daily food intake regiment, exercise & supplement with high quality absorbable mineral and vitamins. I also agree that electrolytes, fiber drinks and meal replacement fillers in-between meals (dependent on program and activity) make for a good weight loss and weight management program.” These types of programs if followed per design will promote gradual weight loss while changing behavior.” Long-term “permanent” weight loss results require long-term behavioral life change habit discipline. In other words, it takes time to do it right. Don’t get set up for overnight results which will lead you to failure... And once you meet your goals, maintaining your ideal weight requires a life change commitment. If you do it right, “you don’t suffer at all and you feel great and excited about life.”

I personally practice 6 behavioral habits to manage my weight. I believe these New Year Resolution tips will help reduce weight regardless of age, or gender.

  1. Consume a “good absorbable daily vitamin & mineral supplement [See my profile, visit our site and see our Wellness Company Wholesale Program]. Good health, metabolism and weight regulation is dependent upon “highly absorbable daily vitamins & minerals at the cellular level (quality absorbable weight loss products also found at the link). “Nobody, or very few” get 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  2. Ensure you get quality exrcise every day. I walk (5days/wk) to manage my weight, lubricate the joints, increase circulation with oxygen-enriched blood for daily tissue repair, etc. “You don’t need to run a marathon for good weight management. After 35, running to manage weight is simply ridiculous for the average person and a potential risk to your health. It has been proven that walking is just as beneficial as running. There is also less potential damage to joints, tendons and ligaments and greater benefits for increasing muscle tone [includes healthy heart], improved circulation and promotes greater fat burning efficiencies as a low impact exercise.
  3. I always “try” never to eat after 7:30pm. I also drink 1 litter of water, some with dinner and the rest after, usually an hour before going to bed. After 7:30pm your metabolism has slowed down considerably. This means, most food consumed after this time will likely be stored as fat. The water serves to flush fatty acids and remove toxins from the body, etc.
  4. Never eat out at fast food places more than once/wk. After 25, your metabolism becomes less efficient at processing non-organic foods [fast foods equal “low nutrient, high fat fillers”].
  5. If you love fried foods, baking, i.e., cakes, cookies, etc., really try not to do this more than once every two weeks. Fried foods & baking is a weight killer discipline. Instead of baking, pick up single portion at the market for example if you must endulge, but look at those calories and try to pick something with at least 2g of fiber/serving. Bran muffins are a good habit to get into.
  6. I don't drink diet sodas. Aspartame (artifical sweetener) is a known health risk chemical and causes you to gain weight. Even through the can says "diet."

You now know my weight loss and behavior habit basic secrets to lose and maintain weight. Now go on and make that weight loss New Year’s Resolutions stick! If you want to follow my walking frequency, you can follow me on twitter. Kinda like having a virtual exercise partner. Just go to my homesite listed on this profile and click on MirrorAthlete twitter button. You don't need to walk the distances, or work out the way I do. The important thing is you participate in an activity on the days I do and maybe get some tips from my tweets. You will always be one day behind what I'm doing. But no matter. We'll be on the same course. Hopefully, this will help motivate you by following my lead, lose weight, maintain weight, or just stay in good health. Oh, and one day, you may even run with the mustangs in Utah like I did;] Good health to you and your family.


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