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"Secrets to Enhanced Fitness Will Power"

Updated on February 27, 2012

Daily Exercise Boosts Energy Levels


Experience Walking and Enjoy Life to the Fullest

As we age, most of us tend to decrease our levels of activity, sit around more and increase food intake. And with age, this is the worst possible habit you could get yourself into. The human body is genetically designed to begin the dying process after the age of 25. After the age of 25 our body’s metabolisms begin to slow down, ever so unnoticeably. Most of us don’t notice this change in our bodies until we are in our mid thirties. Weight and/or pain tends to increase for the majority of us as we tend to forget about our health and overindulge as a result of living a fast pace lifestyle.

The only “true” way to prolong the aging process while minimizing pain and improve quality of life regardless of one’s health situation is to take control of your health. Control of your life in this respect requires one to manage body weight, stop substance abuse, consume super food quality foods and stop overindulgence while increasing exercise and/or daily activity. If you lose the desire, or lack "will power" to manage these necessary behavior health changes within your lifestyle, your life on this earth will be greatly influenced to a negative health degree.

Now I realize there are many healthy life programs to manage weight, pain and other illnesses. I also realize there are many individual medical-health profiles that require customized weight and pain management plans, treatment, etc. However, there is one common denominator that we all share regardless of illness, “a desire to improve quality of life.” If your "will power" allows you to follow a healthy fit body plan and stick to it “you can” improve your health predicament, hence your quality of life. It took you years to impact your health by not managing your weight, or care about other abuses placed upon your body making you ill. Nor did you particularly care about your health until illness reared its ugly head.

What would you do, or say if I could provide you valuable information and knowledge of secrets to healthier-longer living? And if this secret involved a powerful addictive chemical equation that could give you more "will power" toward obtaining a healthier you?”

The chemicals are not produced and engineered by man; instead, the chemicals are activated and produced and naturally occurring within your body. The real secret then becomes, how does one maximally activate these natural addictive chemicals?

You’re body produces natural and addictive chemicals that are optimally activated during exercise, or during increased activity and these chemicals are: 1) Adrenaline a neurotransmitter and hormone produced by the adrenalin gland just above the kidneys, also known as norepinephrine and epinephrine (provides attention focus in brain). Together these chemicals activate your fight or flight stimulation designed to get the body out of a stressful situation, or survive an injury scenario. It acts as a natural pain killer, boosts oxygen and glucose fuel to brain, muscles and suppresses depression. 2) Dopamine is produced and synthesized in the brain which boosts positive behavior, cognition, motor activity, motivation, sleep, mood, learning and attention. 3) Serotonin is synthesized within the CNS (Central Nervous System). This chemical is also found in many mushrooms, plants, fruits and vegetables. Research shows Serotonin plays an important role in liver regeneration and induces cell division throughout the body (important for repair and healing of the body). Serotonins role as a neurotransmitter of the brain is to modulate anger, mood, aggression, sleep, sexuality, appetite and metabolism.

How does one find the will power to activate the body’s natural addictive health hormone chemicals and stick to a healthy activity lifestyle? I’ve been managing chronic pain and bodyweight challenges for the last 10 years and enjoy a quality of life that would not be possible without daily activity. I do realize what works for me may not work for you.

This is because each one of us has a different metabolism that may, or may not respond to activity metabolic stimulation immediately, thereby challenging your will power until natural addiction to the activity sets. A requirement to maximize a healthy life program and live longer also requires modification of three behavioral activity components. 1) Stop substance abuse. 2) Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. 3) Become addicted to your body’s natural producing chemicals through exercise

The increased activity in my life does not require a lot of will power, but does require effort; hence a small amount of will power is required. By finding a motivator to get you moving and by slowly increasing activity activates these powerful feel good brain chemicals. Once you find an activity, or exercise you can start with, you can become addicted to a routine that makes you feel good on a daily basis and wanting more!

Changing your lifestyle takes a bit of work to improve upon fitness levels. And I was no exception. Four years ago I purchased a gym membership and stuck to an aerobics and stretch program after my first hip surgery and shoulder injuries. This was a very tough year for me that pushed my physical limits in terms of sheer willpower not to be defeated physically and mentally. Three years ago my New Year’s resolution was to give up drinking alcohol (not that I consumed a lot of alcohol) and substitute an electrolyte drink, or regular soda once and awhile. I also continued to participate in a daily walking, gym aerobic and stretch program. Two years ago I resolved to plan and prepare for another hip surgery. As you can see, I had some surgeries that slowed down my activity levels that also challenged my will power to get back in the fitness saddle again.

This year my New Year’s resolution was to increase my fitness levels from where I left off the previous year. Now when I'm in the fitness center I work various resistant weight machines, use various stretch and range of motion techniques and aerobics equipment. On sunny days I ensure I walk at least 1 hour and break to do stretch exercises while on the road. An annual healthy life resolution plan has allowed me to manage weight, pain and significantly improved my activity levels and life style.

Find an addictive activity passion! If you can do this, you can accomplish, or sustain any fitness goals. You'll then be more excited about life while enjoying it to the fullest! Now go get addicted to your bodies natural producing chemicals through exercise activity and reap the enhanced will power, centurion longevity rewards and while living a happier-healthy lifestyle!


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