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Night Lover Speaks Up

Updated on January 8, 2017

Remember What's Inside

Photo Credits: George Hoden on public domain photos

Titled: Night Sky

Learning What Healing Approach Is Best For You

There is no need to begin this hub with any unnecessary arguments for a world wide interest in better health. We all can agree it is a very popular subject, so let's take the less beaten path and disagree with modern science in this field. I'm not focusing on the common, but rather shining the spotlight on the basics missed along the millions of articles published. We live in a world where the norm is to sleep at night. The fact is science feels it has proven the benefits of doing so in regiment. That's fine, but I'm here to say benefits don't equate best.

I, personally, am a blessed human. I get to witness sky filled-skies in a plethora, often with those stars shooting across the gorgeous backdrop. Do I aggravate those closest to me by my slightly irregular, yet healthy, sleeping patterns? Yes, readers I sigh deeply, and feel frustrated as I tell you on a regular basis, my passion for the night causes misunderstandings with those around me. Frankly, with almost everything around me, I find obstacles against loving stars. Pharmacy hours, doctors' hours, all office hours, school schedules, and the list goes on of regimented sleep schedule benefits. This does not mean it has to be better. It simply means it is the popular choice.

(Let's consider popularity for a second. In highschool, aka our training ground for social life, the popular kids are rarely the smart, kind, or talented ones. Please, i beg you, argue about high school popularity with me. Really, look at what brings popularity and then consider we are using this platform to base our lives on. Our health, it is so important to us to allow for millions of articles to be published about it, yet we leave it up to shallow and unkind social decisions regarding normalcy.)

What, did the boogie man scare us that much that we forgot the night was beautiful? There is no sane reason to omit the beauty of stars from our minds. Our minds, which science proves have the largest deciding factor on our health because they control our emotions. It is not a matter of money, because we find ways to get pizza at one in the morning people. Interestingly enough, we haven't allowed for an acceptance of sleep during the day in a large scale of our population.

There have been years of my life spent serving the healthcare industry and I can guarantee you that we often sleep during the day. We are a large part of your society and only a small part of night shift trained beings. Ever look at our military personnel and say you don't fit our mold, stop protecting us? Exactly, so here is a huge shout out to companies who have adjusted and offered night services. May more wake up and learn that life is not meant to be a box we all shape to. It is a circle that requires every diversity we hold. Stop judging that nurse with dark circles at the bus stop, stop judging the person in sweat pants at noon. Start realizing while you were warm in bed, they were saving a life last night.

Staring at something beautiful is almost always beneficial to a persons' emotions and mental state. Perhaps, it is easier for some to accomplish, but add it to that list of resolutions. Remind yourself to fight for your health with more than that expensive blender and gym membership. Fight for the right to make a change and sit under the vast sky at night, to remember that stardust above you is within you. Healing is in more than a pill my loves. We know music helps, faith, companionship, and many other unorthodox approaches. This is another avenue to consider, just look up and stay up!

Photo Credits: Pinterest


There is no sane reason to omit the beauty of stars from our minds.

Fight for the right to make a change and sit under the vast sky at night, to remember that stardust above you is within you.

Counting Stars/The Monster Cover Boyce Avenue of Rihanna and Eminem

Sleep Schedule

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    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      2 years ago


      Very nicely written hub with good utilization of photos and videos.

      Bless You.


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