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Nightmares that Seem Real

Updated on October 6, 2011

Trying to calm down...

I rarely have nightmares, but when I do they can be so scary and seem so real that they wake me up in a panic. Even though I do wake up it takes me a while to shake off the panic I am feeling and return back to a normal state of mind.

That is how I feel right at this moment. Thankfully I am relaxing a little and decided to turn on the light and my computer. I am going to record my strange dream for you to dissect or just simple muse over. I only remember one other time a dream scaring me as badly as this one and that was when I was in high school. At that particular occasion I was having a dream and in this dream I was in my current home in the kitchen. All of a sudden someone came in to break the news to me that my younger brother had been murdered. I woke up crying and had to reassure myself that it was just a dream and that I needed to calm down. That my brother was indeed not murdered.

It almost seems like on occasions like this that it naturally takes the body time to slow down. You have this adrenaline rush that just does not disappear that quickly. It took me a couple of hours to completely get over this first nightmare I had and I even talked about it in my first class of the day.

Now about this most recent dream....

(The time is now 5:00am on the 30th of November 2010.)

Now the dream I had just merely minutes ago was not an average nightmare I would say. It was definitely weird in nature. I can kind of piece together why certain snippets of events happened but really most of the time my dreams make no sense whatsoever.

I start out talking to a group of friends about investing. My cousin was there and decides to purchase me a good amount of Taco Bell food so that I can earn a profit. (Mind you Taco Bell is one of my favorite fast food places.) We are in this huge building with a lot of people moving around in it. There are stairs that go everywhere and such. My cousin and I start coming up with ideas about how we are going to make a profit on this Taco Bell food. Suddenly in a room next to ours (that is separated by a glass wall) this type of violence breaks out. I hear the most terrifying scream coming from a women and people including myself think she is getting murdered. Well, she is not and the next thing I know I have my hands on this glass window and I'm watching in horror as a strong group of men drag different women down into this room to rape them. They are kicking and fighting and screaming. When I realize what was going on...that's when I woke up and I spoke these words in a panicked whisper, "they are raping people down there!"

It was awful and I am so glad that it was not real. Rape is such a horrible thing and I've been told that it is very common and affects a lot of females. They are scarred for life and so I guess that I got a wake up call from this dream to maybe be a bit more informed on what is going on around me and what types of things I need to be doing to stop injustice.

I have to be honest that most of my dreams I can't really find anything to learn or benefit from but this one opened my eyes a little. Not all the way, but still...there is something I can take from this.

And finally, I am calming down. I may wait a while to go back to bed. I really do not want to revisit that dream in ANY shape or form. (No, thank you.)

Now I would like to hear about any weird dreams or nightmares you have had that seemed real.  Comment about them below if you wish to share.


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12/12/10 - So I thought I would update this blog and let everyone know I had another nightmare. This is really rare for me to have so many in a row. This one was a little strange. I was at this building with my family (maybe a church) and my brother was outside with me and I was trying to get him to take back some digital device I had in my hand, but he would not take it. So, I threw it and he went running after it. Then my mom comes outside and I get into the car. I discover there are 3 baby hippos in my car! (My mom tells me she wants to start a hippo farm with 300 hippopotamuses!) I was infuriated...especially when I found out she had put them into MY car!!!

And then I woke up...vocalizing something like I did the last time. Weird right?

I'm beginning to think that these nightmares are coming from improperly digested foods I've been eating. I did start a new diet recently and have went to virtually all vegan foods, but a few times I have had meat and/or cheese. Tonight I ate that and I think I once again regret it. Not sure though if diet can affect your dreams, but I think I may have heard people talking about it once.


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    • profile image

      Beta 5 years ago

      I had a nightmare a few moments ago, I was in the car with my parents. I have no idea where I was going but then we take this road and it's a desert so we take the turn off that is on a hill, then the car just flies through the air and well crashes..

      From that I believe we are all dead. And well I feel scared because it was so real and I really love my Dad so I just find scary to have that I don't wanna die like that I would be scared out of my living daylights.