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What's wrong with the Nike + Sports Watch?

Updated on March 9, 2015
Niki Running watch - Great looking, lightweight and not ostentasious
Niki Running watch - Great looking, lightweight and not ostentasious

New Nike + Running Watch - Equipped with GPS - To Track Your Route and Speed

The newly released Nike + Sportswatch with GPS, the Nike running watch, provides the answer if you don't have a reliable running partner. Who needs one if you've got a new Nike running watch. It's easy to get out of bed even on cold days - when your watch will ask "Are we going for a run soon?"

The brilliance of this Nike is that it tracks and records your route, distance and speed with its built in GPS system. And you don't even have to be going for a run. Because the Nike Running Watch has got a sensor that you can plant in the sole of on of your Nike comparable shoes so exactly the same stats can be taken if you're on a treadmill or areas that may not have a satellite signal.

When I first used one I first used it on a run at 9pm on a night without a lot of moonlight so I couldn't see what buttons I should be pressing, but i soon found out that prodding away at the screen a few times produces a really good clear backlight.

Once you've done your run or finished on the treadmill you can see basic data on the Nike running watch but by uploading to your computer you will have extensive tracking information like distance ran, heart rate, calories burnt, even pace changes on elevation. Not bad for something that's not much more than a hundred dollars.

It has these features:

  • Rechargeable lithium battery through USB. It provides 8 hours of run time and 50 hours of standby.
  • Find popular running areas when you join routes.
  • Water resistant.
  • Has TomTom GPS for super accurate distance and speed information.
  • Weight: 2.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Display size: 0.72 inches

What's wrong with the Nike Running Watch?

  • You can't link with the TomTom satellite when indoors and you'll need a clean line of sight outdoors.
  • Takes about 5 minutes to get a satellite fix.
  • A lot of firmware updates can be annoying - but does show Nike's commitment to the product.
  • Battery only lasts 6 hours. But if you just wear it for runs, that's fine.
  • Numbers on the top are quite small compared to the bootom numbers.
  • All adjustments can't be done on the fly but through your computer.
  • Can only display two lots of information at a time.
  • There's no way of deleting your past stats from the Nike website
  • Sometimes the Nike site is down.
  • No bluetooth

What's right with the Nike + Sportswatch

  • Good looks
  • Great price compared to competitors like Garmin.
  • Comes with a show pod
  • Lightweight
  • A lot of information (speed, distance, calories, pace, heart rate, time elapsed, clock) all available at a glance on your wrist.
  • Nike webpage very interactive
  • TomTom very accurate.
  • Info easily downloadable and can be uploaded onto Excel.
  • Uploads your info to Google maps (via Niki site)
  • Very simple to operate
  • Automatic lap function
  • Multipurpose - Doesn't have to be used just for running. Can be used for hunting, fishing, kayaking, golf.
  • Accuracy down to .006 of a mile with the Nike + Sportwatch.
  • Lots of different colors to choose from.
  • Even shows elevation of your entire run overlaid on a map with animated route.

Logging into the Nike Website

Incredibly after my run with the Nike running watch, I then logged into the Nike + website and I was shown a map of the 8 mile run I'd just finished. There in front of me was the streets I'd just run showing the elevation and along the bottom a graph with my pace. (Room for improvement)

I'd used the Nike running watch through my iPod and it was interesting that I could see the pace slow as i ran an incline.

Another feature that blew me away was the fact that I could break my run up mile by mile. By doing this I could track and compare the warm up and what is a good pace to start with. I could see where I got tired and what needs work.

Weight Watchers

For people wanting to lose weight by running, or, even walking, if you log your weight into the Nike running watch it will show how many calories you've burnt up over a certain distance and if you want to compare your run, on the Nike website once you've logged in you can compare your run to others as well.

There are other running watches on the market but I like the price of this, mixed in with the Nike brand plus you get feedback on lots of useable data.

What I also like about this new Nike running watch is that it's a nice looking lightweight running watch that is demure in its design. Other's out there tell everyone you've got a running watch but this Nike could be just an everyday watch.

Nice one Nike!

Questions and Answers on the Nike SportsWatch

There's an optional sensor, what does this sensor do?

The sensor is for areas where the GPS doesn't work or for treadmill situations.

Is the sensor included in the package?

Yes, it comes with the sensor.

Does the Nike SportsWatch come with a heart sensor?

No - no heart sensor.

Is it solar powered?

No, through USB.

Does it track other activities like bike riding?

Yes, through its GPS it can even be used in a car.

Can it wirelessly sync?

No, you have to plug it in. But if you are using the show pod app you can connect to your phone.

Can it be programed for interval running?

Yes it can. I run for 4 minutes and walk for one. The watch will beep and actually say run and then after 4 minutes beep again and say walk.

Can you listen to music?

No, not on the Nike + SportsWatch.

Does it show how many calories you've burned after a run?

Yes, calories are part of the functions.

Is it touchscreen?

No, buttons on the side.

Can you pause your run?

Yes. One button pause.

New price $147 and choice of colors. Free delivery to your door.


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