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The Best Diet Plan is No Diet

Updated on May 10, 2011

In the overweight era, many people are seeking the best diet plan, and many other people are selling them all sorts of diet plans. The truth is, the best way to lose weight is to follow no diet.

Remember the old days when you were eating what you like, and not thinking of your weight and not gaining much weight as well? It is the mistake many people make when they go the hard way of extra restrictions and efforts, that makes them feel the difficulty of losing or maintaining weight.

To lose weight takes you to replace food that you liked before but caused this extra weight, with foods you like but it does not cause weight gain, it is that simple and nothing more.

To Lose Weight You Need The Right Information

There are many false information and false advertising of so many junk foods, and it is difficult to make the optimum choices of your food, but once you have the right information it is much easier for you to choose correctly, the right food that you like and it does not cause weight gain at the same time.

Develop the Best Diet for You

- Eat food you feel happy with:

You don't have to eat tasteless food to lose weight or to be healthy. You like Pizza? make it at home to include healthy ingredients. Be creative at food that makes you lose weight and you like it at the same time. Scrambled eggs in butter, sprouted grain toast, French toast made from healthy bread and eggs, hamburger or steak, are all good choices for you, your weight and your health.

- Make it Step by Step :

Should you change your eating habits overnight? You don't have to and actually you can't - at least because of the stress accompanying that. You can establish healthy eating habit, or replace a "not convenient" food every week, starting with the easiest one for you. This will make your change simple and easy.

- Do Not Fight Your Body To Lose Weight:

In fact, the contest made by the different diet plans from 3,4,...,10,15 and one month, to lose a certain amount of pounds makes people who diet starve themselves to lose weight quickly. Keep on your meals and snacks as you do now but change type of food. Feed your body the right way to keep it away from cravings that add unnecessary weight to your body. You have a lot of choices like raw nuts, fresh fruits and healthy trail mixes that keep you away from hunger all the day.

Keep in mind that your best diet is not one that resembles a military training. Stop dieting because it is the best diet plan for you.


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    • profile image

      Bob Diamond R.Ph 7 years ago

      Portion control. My wife still weighs about what she did in high school. She always takes home a doggy-bag whenever we go out to eat. Her secret is to stop eating as soon as she feels full; even at home. I started following her lead and took off 15 pounds in about six weeks. I seem to be stuck here, but that's 15 pounds lower than I was then.