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Nocturnal (Sleep Induced) Asthma - Did You Know Air Purifiers and Plants Can Ease Your Symptoms?

Updated on November 5, 2012
Air Purifiers and plants can ease symptoms of nocturnal asthma.
Air Purifiers and plants can ease symptoms of nocturnal asthma.

Sleep Induced Asthma

As with other forms of Asthma, the cause for Nocturnal Asthma has many variables. Nocturnal Asthma means that the airway constriction and irritation occurs at night when you are trying to sleep. This can be brought on by a variety of contributing factors such as:

  • Constricted Airway caused by Sleep Position
  • Increased exposure to air pollution because of your stationery sleep position
  • Air Conditioning which dries the air and which can also release more air pollution into a room if its dirty

These are direct contributing causes in the moment that may bring on Nocturnal Asthma. There may also be ongoing lifestyle contributors to Nocturnal Asthma such as

  • Diet (Overeating or eating the wrong food items that lack nutrition)
  • Smoking/Tobacco use or living in a home where it is often used
  • Lack of Exercise/Poor Fitness

As always, medications such as inhalers will give you immediate relief if you experience an Asthma attack. But for the sake of life longevity and long-term health, you should develop a plan to incorporate Natural methods of treatment to reduce your Asthma symptoms and improve your overall health. If you suffer from Nocturnal Asthma, a good Air Purifier and/or some Plants can greatly reduce the toxic pollution in your bedroom when you are sleeping and lower your exposure to irritants. You should also incorporate exercise and good nutrition as natural methods to improve your health and reduce your Asthma sensitivities.

As always, consult a doctor about your specific case of Asthma and design a plan that fits your needs.

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