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Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness

Updated on September 28, 2016
Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness: Some Nordic Walkers
Nordic Walking for Fun and Fitness: Some Nordic Walkers | Source

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a fairly new form of fitness walking exercise, that can be enjoyed by people of any age - and most mobility levels. Nordic walking offers an efficient aerobic workout, as well as an easy way to improve your overall physical condition - irrespective of your age, sex or most mobility levels.

Nordic Walking was invented by Marko Kantaneva

Nordic walking is a total body workout, ideal for weight loss. In addition to keeping you fit and toned, you will also look better.

Nordic walkers use two poles, similar to a skiier, and take long strides, They can build up quite a fast rate of walking, with the poles enabling them to steady themselves.

Nordic walking can be done anywhere, but it is at its most enjoyable if you're in beautiful surroundings, walking around a lake, up a mountain or across a long sandy beach.

Basic Nordic Walking Tips

Nordic Walking Tips

If you want to learn to Nordic walk, here are some top Nordic walking tips:

  • The poles should always be at a 45° angle to your body.
  • The bottom tips of the poles are always behind your body, never in front.
  • When walking uphill, lean slightly forward and take slightly longer strides.
  • When nordic walking downhill, take slightly smaller steps and bend your knees a little to lower your centre of gravity, for better balance

Nordic Walking Partners With Leading Organisations

Nordic walking is a great exercise that has been endorsed by national, respected organisations. Within the UK, partnerships have included:

Across the UK, members of Weightwatchers' groups around the UK were invited to try Nordic walking for a special introductory price.

The British Heart Foundation teamed up with Nordic Walking UK on two charity fundraisers.

So you can rest assured that you're in good hands as these are top names to be associated with.

Nordic Walking Associations

While it doesn't look very difficult to do Nordic walking, it's worthwhile getting in touch with a Nordic Walking Organisation. These can give you a great wealth of good advice. For those of you who are consdiering Nordic walking in challenging environments, their advice could literally be a life saver.

Here are some of some Nordic Walking Associations:

  • International Nordic Walking Association (INWA):
  • Nordic Body USA:
  • The American Nordic Walking Association (ANWA):
  • Nordic Walking UK:
  • British Nordic Walking:


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