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There’s a Reason You’re Attracting Losers

Updated on April 24, 2017

Amazing You

You are one of the most amazing people I know, however you’re not attracting the quality people necessary to help you succeed. You’re smart, funny and determined. You stick to your guns, even though some people find your integrity tiresome and you always own up to your mistakes.

Yet, despite all your awesomeness, you often find yourself surrounded by creeps and leeches.

What’s with that?


Like Attracts Like

It’s all about the “vibes” we put out. Like attracts like, in the sense that your energy or aura is vibrating at a level that broadcasts how unhappy you are right now. There are things about yourself that you don’t like and that’s being broadcast, too. All that guilt and anger you’re hoarding in your emotional closet adds to the strength of that vibration. That feeling of being victimized (over and over) adds icky layers to your aura. It all adds up, until the Icky Vibes are stronger than the beauty that would otherwise attract other beautiful people.

You're At the Age of Not Believing ...

Of course, it’s not all metaphysical blah-blah. It is plain for people to see in your body language, the way you dress and your grooming. You walk with your head down, avoiding people’s eyes. That sends a message to others loud and clear. Your shoulders are slumped, screaming to anyone with eyes that you are the perfect victim. You don’t spend money on flattering clothing, saying that you can’t afford it when a visit to a second-hand shop can add a little class to your wardrobe. You’re not invisible; you just wish you were.

Even the things you say and how you say them are sending a much different message than you intend. Listen to what you say and you’ll be horrified by the way you cut yourself down.

“I need to move my big butt.”

“I can’t believe I’m so stupid.”


Every time you say something negative about yourself, your subconscious takes it as truth and works to make it reality.

You don’t believe you are beautiful or that you deserve good things to come to you and as long as you don’t believe it, no one else can convince you otherwise. So, you create that reality. You send out that message to the people around you. You attract others who feel the same way about themselves and will not be able to believe in your beauty and goodness, either.

Bit by bit, you will be swallowed by disbelief.

You are like Tinkerbell. If you don’t have belief to sustain your existence, you wither and die.

The Good News

The good news is that this information can be used to our advantage. You can flip the switch inside of you to reverse the polarity of that magnetism, repelling the Icky People and start attracting those that will help lift you up. As you start to attract good and kind people, you will be able to see your beauty and goodness more clearly. In fact, they will help draw the best qualities out of you.

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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