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Now – Carbo Gain: A Review

Updated on October 18, 2014

Complex carbohydrates provide the body with the slow release, long-lasting energy source that can help with bodybuilding. They are a good supplement to take just before workout or an hour or so ahead. Carbo Gain by Now Products is a Hundred Percent pure complex carbohydrates product that is designed to improve endurance during workouts and support weight gain.

The supplement is available in packs of 3.6 kg and 5.4 kg of unflavored carbs. The Now brand is known for its dietary supplements, mineral and vitamin products, organic foods, supplements for athletes etc.


Now - Carbo Gain is made from 100 percent pure maltodextrin sourced from corn starch. The glucose polymers (or sugar compounds linked together) in maltodextrin are easily metabolized and used by the body. The glucose polymers release energy slowly and help the body to keep up energy levels for endurance related activities.

Nutrition Facts

Each serving (1 serving is about 67 grams or 2/3 cup) in an 8 lb tub contains the following amount of nutrition:

63 grams of carbohydrate (21 percent of daily value in a 2000 calorie diet) 250 kcal of calories per serving

Carbo Gain is pure carbs, and does not contain any proteins or fat. It does contain a small amount of sodium (45 mg or 2 percent of daily value, per serving).


Carbo Gain is available at at a price of $22.48 for a 3.6 kg tub and $26.49 for a 5.4 kg mega-pack. Each 3.6 kg tub contains about 54 servings, putting the price of each serving at about 41 cents.

Overall Rating on gives Carbo Gain an overall score of 8.7 out of 10.

Overall Rating on SupplementReviews gives Carbo Gain an overall rating of 8.1 out of 10, which turns out to be a better score than 77 percent of the other similar products on the website.

The Verdict

For athletes, active individuals and workout enthusiasts who find themselves losing stamina during high endurance exercises, pure complex carbohydrate supplements like Now – Carbo Gain will provide a boost. It is unflavored however, which loses it some taste points from users. Using it in a protein shake with other flavors can be an easy solution and the proteins will aid in muscle recovery.


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