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Fix It, Tone It, Cut It..Sagging Skin After a Major Weight Loss program,

Updated on August 5, 2011

Can you fix it?

After age 50 for sure we have a decreased amount of collagen and elastin in our bodies especially as a woman. After our childbearing years our bodies do not replenish collagen as when we were younger.

There are supplements one may take and should regardless Of what shape our body is in..

Collagen and elastins are a fibrous protein which allows for and aides in the firmness of the skin.

As collagen breaks down due to aging, the firmness of our skin is no longer tight,and wrinkles appear as skin starts to sag.This causes reduction in the elasticity and strength of our skin.

Elastin, is a protein that ,helps skin stay "flexible" and firm. Without the correct amount of elastin your body cannot return to normal shape once stretched out..There are of course many factors but these are the most responsible for the lack of firmness in the aging process it seems..I did a lot of research and found a lot of medical jargon and technical terms I found all this information kind of like reading the bible,everyone translates the information differently..

We women find that after menopause we do not have the ability to generate these much needed proteins so extra work is required on our part.

Pilate's is a great toner but can only do so much if you are diligent in your exercise routine. I have spent many dollars on cremes moisturizers and the like to no avail. There are no quick fixes at least there wasn't for me.

If you have ever lost over 50 lbs omega 3 fatty acids from things like cod and fish oil, are important and if not already should become a major part of your diet.Certain vitamins should be incorporated as well I find the multiple vitamins contain most of what I need.The general consensus is one must have good genes in order that surgery is not required ,but that after 2 years of toning and exercises if you haven't gotten where you should like to be surgery should be considered at this time.I do not plan to have surgery.

I have myself lost 100 lbs 3 different times as I gained this much weight with each of my pregnancies I was lucky until the last pregnancy at which time I had gotten to the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

I have tried all kinds of diets,exercises everything short of surgery to fix my issues.

I have found that toning exercises are my best avenue to tighten up my skin and have gotten the folds down to some wrinkles which I can live with better then 100 extra lbs..

So in essence candle light helps a lot!!..LOL. I always say lights on I look 55 ,lights off I will feel 35 to my partner and me ,either way I haven't ever been booted from bed unless we chose to play on the floor.

I don't know if I will keep up the exercise to the degree it is necessary to keep the sagging at bay as I get older for now It is kinda fun and greatly rewarding..

There are many surgeries that can be done to fix it quickly and for a great number of years, but one day you will be back to where we are today. So I think the best thing is to be happy with how you are but try to stay as healthy and fit as possible for your age.

This is just my take on it of course..


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