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Nursing Bra Buying Guide - Top Brands To Buy in Maternity Bras

Updated on March 30, 2014

Nursing Bra Buying Guide - Top Brands To Buy in Maternity Bras

Amazon | Source

The Most Popular Brands to Buy in Nursing Bras

Maternity and nursing bras are created to provide greater support, comfort, flexibility to avoid restriction to the breast tissue. There is a noticeable difference in a normal non-maternity bra and a nursing bra. Women's breasts go through a lot of changes after becoming pregnant, during pregnancy, and then again after birth.

When should you be fitted for a maternity bra?

Experts recommend that you get fitted as soon as you start to feel discomfort or become sore. This can occur between week 12 to 15, or earlier. Due to glandular development, your breasts will increase in size. Certainly, after the first trimester, it would be ideal to be fitted when your breasts have stabilized in size. By around 38 weeks, your breasts will have developed in size again due to becoming ready for milk. After birth, your breasts will settle and regulate themselves.

Click HERE to see a list of top selling maternity / nursing bras on Amazon. Also, below are some of the most popular brands to purchasing in nursing bras.

Popular Nursing Bra Brands

tagul | Source

Anita Maternity

Anita Maternity nursing bras are perfect for extra-sensitive breasts, all-round breast support, natural shaping, and soft underwiring. Most models offer the Kwik Klip nursing opening which allows the cups to be opened and closed with one hand. The straps are elastic and adjustable. Most customers agree that the Anita Maternity nursing bras are true to size. Anita sells up to a M cup size. Their most popular style is the Anita Stretch Microfiber Nursing Bra.


Bravado includes nursing bras and tanks. Twenty years ago, the business started out with a leopard-print bra and two breast-feeding moms. Bravado carries a wide range of nursing bras including: the essential embrace, the body silk seamless, the essential nursing tank, the body silk seamless, the bliss, the bliss with lace, the sublime, the original, and the allure underwire. Bravado has certified fitters which will help you to find the right size and fit.

Find your Perfect Size by Bravado!

Cake Lingerie

Cake Lingerie is a globally recognized, leading maternity / nursing bra brand. They carry the shortbread bras! Their products are merchandised in over 45 countries, including some of the finest specialty and department stores. Cake Lingerie recommends being fitted for a nursing bra around week 12 or earlier; about the time your breasts become sore. They recommend the Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy Luxury Seamless Bra for this period. Then, get fitted for a structured maternity bra after the first trimester.

A Pea In the Pod

A Pea in The Pod is a maternity retailer which carries some of the most exclusive brands on the market. In nursing bras, A Pea In The Pod has band sizes which range from 34 to 40. Cup sizes range from B to E. One of A Pea In The Pod's highest rated nursing bras is the Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra. To order a variety of colors in your size direct from A Pea In The Pod: CLICK HERE.


Elomi, created by Eveden, is a European company which designs lingerie, including nursing bras, for fuller-figure women. They market plus size lingerie with unparalleled fit, effortless support, and striking design. According to Elomi, their lingerie is designed to transform your figure. Band sizes are available from a 34 to 46. Cup sizes range from a D, with 12 more sizes to choose from, up to a J.

Elomi Bra for Full Figured Women

Bella Materna

Bella Materna has some pretty sexy designs in nursing bras. Their designs are sweet yet functional. Most are completely versatile, adjustable, and comfortable too. Most customers agree that the nursing opening unclips easily, washes nicely, and (where available) convertible features are nice. They carry a wide range of nursing bras with cup sizes ranging from C to H. Band size ranges from 32 to 38.

Bella Materna Nursing Bra

Bella Materna
Bella Materna | Source

Japanese Weekend Hug Line

Headquartered in San Francisco, Japanese Weekend has several innovative and fashionable designs patented Their patented nursing design includes the Hug line. The Hug line comes in three different colors, including black, white, and taupe. These come in sizes ranging from small, medium, and large.

La Leche League

La Leche League's licensee Q-T Intimates has designed an innovative nursing bra which adjusts to a woman's ever-changing body size. They've designed the cups so that they are easy-to-open to be conscious of the busy mom on the go. I think that it's wonderful that the company takes a portion of the profits on sales of LLLI licensed products and supports La Leche League International's many programs and services worldwide!

Le Mystere

Le Mystere has an "all about fit" approach to its design. The Sexy Mama nursing bra, by Le Mystere, is designed to provide support and coverage while keeping you sexy. The nursing opening is made from an easy one-hand clip pull down. To prevent leak throughs, foam padding is included to hide disposable nursing pads. This bra is supposed to be comfortable enough to wear to bed.

Le Mystere Sexy Mama on Today's Styles

Leading Lady & Loving Moments by Wal-Mart

I bought the Loving Moments by Leading Lady Maternity Wirefree Softcup Nursing Bra with Full Sling. I've bought several of the 2 packs because of the great price. I am happy with the level of comfort and quality. I barely feel like I have any undergarment on. They've remained durable through many many washings! Get a 2 pack for only $16.98:: CLICK HERE!

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity's carries a full line of nursing bras with openings like the clip down double, pullover, and lift up double. Band sizes range from 34 to 46. Cup sizes range from B to F. Their highest customer rated nursing bra is the Seamless Clip Down. Order it from Amazon by clicking the link to the right. --->

Most Popular Maternity / Nursing Bra Brands...

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