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Nutritional Cause and Effect

Updated on March 14, 2015
Is this what we want to eat, or what they told us we want to eat. But, why do we really want to eat it?
Is this what we want to eat, or what they told us we want to eat. But, why do we really want to eat it?

Understanding Your Food Plate

Who Wants to Live Forever?

We live in a world of CAUSE and EFFECT. “CAUSE” is initiation: the act of developing something from nothing. Those in this group include: ad writers, artists, authors, comedians, creators, and inventors. “EFFECT” is our reaction or that which is done because of what those CAUSE us to believe. Some in this group are: art collectors, audience, consumers, fans, and readers. CAUSE is responsible for what happens globally. Those who are a part of the CAUSE are capable of inciting the majority or us to do some EFFECT; get us to get up, go out, do or buy something. Most of us in our own way vacillate between CAUSE and EFFECT all day long. You CAUSE good health in your family by making a nutritious meal to help your family stay healthy, and the EFFECT is that they go to the doctor less frequently and you benefit because it costs you less in worry and cash. It goes without saying that those who CAUSE reactions from others are usually happier and richer. The trick in life is to determine what EFFECT the CAUSE group is really trying to make happen. What do they want you to do and whether following along would benefit you. I personally am not a sheep following the one in front to fall off the cliff. What about you?

We live in a time of “Mega Vision” and “Mass Information.” Everyday we are bombarded about Health and Nutrition. Why? Health and Nutrition is big business and big bucks! Government intervention tries to help us by slapping labels on almost every thing we pick up in the store. In their small way attempting intervention to reign in big business. Just yesterday morning, I picked up a picture frame with a warning or CAUSE that made me pause. The warning told me that the frame had lead in the composition and could be dangerous to my health. The EFFECT was that I didn’t purchase the frame. And really, if my health was truly at risk, why was the frame there in the store to be bought?

CAUSE and EFFECT is all about Power and Control. Big Business has the Power to Control the CAUSE to get their desired EFFECT because they have the money. Money is power. That money pays for ads to CAUSE the majority of us to in EFFECT believe whatever the ad says is true. People believe the ads that CAUSE us to buy, and the EFFECT is they go to the store because “they have to get whatever it is.” This is great advertising and gives Big Business more money and the power to flood the general population with massive amounts of information about everything in an effort to CAUSE people to purchase more. This type of Mega information designed to CAUSE us to react is dangerous for the majority of us in the population. We have problems distinguishing what EFFECT the information might really have and some nutritional information could be putting our health at risk. Like the story of the grandma who gave her granddaughter too much vitamin C thinking it was a good thing, not knowing the risk, and the child died. Ever notice that they put the nutritional risks in small letters low on the screen and if they verbally state them it sounds like they are in a race. Nutritional and Health Warnings: this product can cause dizziness, upset stomach, kidney failure, dehydration, or whatever. The warnings are serious. Who allowed ads for drugs and nutritional supplements on TV anyway? The CAUSE is powerful! People are not allowed to prescribe their own prescription medicine. What are the ads attempting to CAUSE? They are targeting people to CAUSE us to ask our medical professionals to prescribe this or that drug, so the EFFECT of the ad is we will make them more money. Hopefully you have a smart doctor, because buyer beware! All this nutritional and health misinformation about diet pills is causing stress.

Why is this happening? Just for fun, lets imagine for a moment that CAUSE is a big powerful Egg Council. CAUSE tells us one day to “eat eggs for more protein,” so they state eggs have nutritional value to sell more eggs. The next day, another CAUSE group (a Government regulatory group) tells us “not to eat eggs because of the concern of high cholesterol and risk of stroke, eggs have a nutritional value but a health risk. Now the first CAUSE group, the Egg Council discovers that the EFFECT of the second CAUSE or governmental warning, affected people. The EFFECT of the second warning made people stop purchasing eggs! So, the Egg Council has a CAUSE to change the message and hires an Egg Lobbyist to EFFECT a change in the message. The Egg Council and the chicken farmers need that egg money to build their "nest egg." They want the nutritional value of the egg to reign superior to EFFECT more sales. The Egg Lobbyist armed with “chicken grease,” tosses “grease” around the government to CAUSE a revision statement from the governmental group in order to EFFECT support for the egg and earn the money they received from the Egg Council.The EFFECT worked and the statement was revised so people again began to purchase eggs for their nutritional value. CAUSE and EFFECT is powerful.In this example, the Egg Council won giving the chicken farmers help in their quest to “live life well.” But did the population who responded and began purchasing the egg again win? Who knows, both statements are true. Eggs do have nutritional value, they are protein, and they have cholesterol. It is also true that too much cholesterol does lead to higher stroke risk. And remember, this is just a fun story, an illustration, of what could have been done, not what actually happened. I could have selected any food for my story. I chose eggs because they are chatted about so often.

Ever wonder why then when it comes to nutrition, some fly by the seat of their pants, and some study incessantly. As they say in the X-files, “The Truth is Out There.” We just have to lift every rock and go down every cave to find nutritional truths. Fortunately, the government has realized that we are in need of help and started the web site that continues to grow with nutritional help and information. What you choose to do with your life and choose as your nutrition is a personal choice. If you want to be 300 pounds, you will be 300 pounds and no one will stop you unless they create a CAUSE that you buy into with the EFFECT that you to want to lose weight. And, like Eleanor Roosevelt always said, “No one else can make you a fool. Only you have the power to make a fool of yourself.” So in the end, what you choose to do with your nutrition is your choice and only you can convince yourself what to do.

I remember when my children were very small, I waited until a commercial to CAUSE a purchase came on the TV for a cereal I personally thought tasted revolting and had no nutritional value. I directed the children to watch the advertisement. We discussed it after it ran and I turned off the TV. I then asked the children if they wanted me to go to the store and get some for them which is the EFFECT wanted. Of course they did. We went right away and I poured them a bowl when we got home. Fortunately, they like me were revolted by the taste and learned a lesson. To make sure, I had copied the commercial when it ran and played it back to them. We discussed the reason, CAUSE, why the commercial was being played That it in EFFECT wanted them to buy. They learned that TV commercials are not necessarily true. This educational exercise in CAUSE and EFFECT has in EFFECT saved me hours of begging children who want what they saw on TV. Mine never asked for those things! I had succeeded in my CAUSE training them not to believe what they heard on TV. They learned what we all need to understand, if you haven’t personally experienced it, then it is not true for you. Don’t let catchy advertisements CAUSE you to get up and satisfy their desire or CAUSE by having you purchase their product. Sometimes when you follow along, the EFFECT may be, you wasted your money, you might just dislike it, like my children did! Only you can decide what CAUSE you follow, and what EFFECT those ads have on you. Don't let the CAUSES of others persuade you. They want to make money, not to help you. Nutrition is important, don't let them get you to eat more stuff because they load it with sugar and tell you it is "good for you.".

Stress is one of the biggest problems we have to deal with in today’s society. One reason is because stress is manufactured by businesses and governments to CAUSE the masses to do some EFFECT; call us to action. Whether the CAUSE wants us to change our eating, take supplements, get injections, join the military, spend money, or on and on, it is a call for action. Good nutrition can help our body fight off some of the infection and disease caused by excess stress, but in the end we need to learn how to take control of stress. We need to change the EFFECT or response we have to stress. Change the way we deal with the Mega Vision calls for action. We have to stop getting "stress out" by these mounting ads and choose to get educated not provoked or driven. You might not enjoy the ride! Remember, “Worry is interest paid on trouble before it comes due.” Worry causes ulcers. Ulcers are a by product of stress. We all have heard that stress kills!

My tip or advise is to remember that your time on Earth is not forever. You need to take time to relish the earth while you are here. Reduce your stress and take one-day-at-a-time, “stop to smell the roses,” playfully see animal shapes in the clouds, take a stroll (even if you have to put on an oxygen mask to do it) and enjoy our beautiful earth. Go to a park, get on a swing and feel the crisp air upon your skin, and listen to the wind blow by you. Be wise and beware! Follow nutritional guidelines, learn to calm your mind, take yoga or meditate, exercise, turn off the TV ads or put ads on mute, and remember to release stress by spending time in play everyday. Now counts! Natural is more Nutritional, so don't forget to buy more fresh fruit and vegetables because they will provide more nutritional value. Remember everything that says it is Natural and Wholesome isn’t. Don't be fooled by the To Good To Be True nutritional claims that Multimedia CAUSE machines market. Remember their claims are designed to affect your judgement in order to EFFECT your purchase of their products. Check things out for yourself don't follow the rest because unless you experienced it for yourself, it is simply hearsay. Don't be a sheep! We all should live our life happy and healthy. Most of us would not turn down a chance to live forever if we could continue to function healthy and strong like we did when we were younger, but it is impossible, so why not focus on fueling your body with good nutrition, enjoy our Earth, and live your life well.


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