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Updated on December 14, 2009

Even if we have to take the least of the diets, it will end up regaining weight as quickly as it was lost. Every unsuccessful efforts will mean a few extra pound added to the existing weight. Any attempt in failure will put inconvenience to our desire to solve our weight problem. This concerns completely dominated our thoughts by exploring the most effective method of losing weight.

Nutrition expert knew that anyone who are overweight don't know how to eat properly. They lacked self-control instead of strengthening those weaknesses. They lacked motivation to make exercise more appealing because of laziness.

Many women believed that obesity was considered as a psychological problem that has no cure unless a good and reasonable self-management is applied to treat obesity. A woman driven by his desire to lose weight immediately trapped in the endless cycle of binge eating even how she tried to starve herself to her intention to make her thin. Most women resorted in taking diet pills, fasting with the hope of eliminating unwanted pounds. But it does not work that way and not for long. Any attempt that failed lead to increase obsession with food.

There were many reasons why a woman resorted to over-eating. Stresses in life brought a negative feelings that can only be controlled by eating more. There were overwhelming evidence that binge-eating was a response to anxiety, depression, loneliness, boredom and even anger. The negative moods can be pacified only by eating.

There are women resorted to adapting an effective control program. At first, it showed success. They able to managed their moods, learning techniques in weight management by following a prudent diet. But as it goes further, something gone wrong by regaining weight and all those efforts was wasted and going back again to the beginning. They became helpless and tired believing that staying there just isn't worth the effort. They were surprised and baffled where the failure came by not maintaining an ideal weight. At this point it became a puzzle to them. They searched for a concrete answers even if they knew there was none.

The reason of overeating is crucial for women to do an effective reflection why despite their effort they still cannot find the root cause. They put too much emphasis of restricting their diet but did not put weight the reason why they overeat. We understand that good body image and proper weight management are important in her marital happiness and high self-esteem.

Women want to be thin but want to overeat to relieve sexual frustration and emotional strain that become her partner in life. This responses to life stresses is not the best choice a woman can make. It can only worsen the situation when weight gain is already beyond her control and lead to many health complications.

In ignoring the reason for over-eating does not make that reason acceptable and can only hamper the progress of carrying out the weight loss program faithfully.

Recommendation for others suggested about gradual weight loss. Efforts is needed to allow the body and mind to adjust to the changes caused by losing weight rather than doing rapid loss until the goal is achieve but later on it goes back again due to failure.

Women must understand the full mechanic of her reason to overeat. By making this result to be different, not only she solve the reason of being obese but she can also change the quality of her life of not worrying too much to a problem that she herself can overcome if she has the will for a change.


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