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Kenya Snubbed by Obama

Updated on August 11, 2015

Our Borderless President Is Killing America

Recently I was on Youtube as I was going

to sleep, and you know how one thing leads

to another as the longer your on the site

and letting it control it self. A Upon awaking

I am listening to a conversation about Jiggers

and then seeing what a Jigger actually was.

I was totally grossed out. I'm thinking Gin

and they were cutting like the tops off of what

looked like boils, which were sand fleas

called known as "Jiggers" and what they do is

enter the skin and keep on digging into the

body causing a heck of a lot of pain in the

process. When they are itchy and scratched they

spread the eggs around and those make the colonies

that go on and on until they are removed and you

can imaging these rural folks in, which is Kenya

one of the African area they are abundant, there

is little that is done to rid this awful affliction.

That being said, I was out to dinner with my

wife and upon returning home I had conflicting

topics on my mind in which to blog about and I

happened to mention that Obama was in Kenya and

she was surprised that he had gone there. At that

point I mentioned that they had quadrupled the

Security because recently we had watched a documentary

on Netflix about some characters that took over a

Shopping Mall in Kenya ( speak of the devil ) that

had killed a number of people before being killed

themselves in the process and that made me think

of one thing then another and I had my blog.

I said, to myself, Obama, Kenya, terrorists, jiggers,

Border lax on Obama's part and there it was.

When Obama comes back from Kenya everything

is going to be fine and he made a lot of headway

with the leaders of the Country and all is fine.

Well, he does not have to go to Kenya any more to

see the problems they have because he has brought

them to America with his Socialist's No-Leadership

way of doing things. He allowed hundred of thousands

to cross the border and sent them all over the Country,

while telling the Border Guards to stand down,

to bring with them their sicknesses and anything else

they might be bringing.

I placed some pictures at the bottom for your displeasure

but they were to gross for the Hubpages Crew did not like

the so they have been removed

them but if you look up Jiggers in Kenya, on the net you can

find the little buggers and believe me when I say I hope you

never come in contact with one. Bed bugs don't even come

close to the damage these thins do!

It is hard to look at but there are some Dr's. working

to the best of their ability to try to rid these very unlucky

folks of their problem, but I will bet anything you won't

hear a word from "The Anointed One" about this problem

his so called "Homeland" is infested in areas with because

of the Saharan type environment that Kenya has in parts

of the country there. He has had, with money he has spent,

plenty of opportunities to help the Global problems

other than making deals with the people that want us

gone from the Earth and this is only one. Why is it the only

time Obama goes to the TV to talk ith us, it turns out to be

a lie? God help us!

Not to change the subject, but Obama should be impeached

for taking our business past Congress to the United Nations!

That's my opinion. The UN does not run AMERICA. We are not a third

World Country like he is used too! It was just wrong and underhanded

as usual and gets by with it and the Democrat's that vote with him

need to move to Iran and watch what happens after they give them

100 billion dollars to kill Israeli's and American's. What is the difference

in a war now or ten years from now. They don't have a Nuke now, but

they will in ten years and most of you old bastards that gave them the

go ahead will either be underground or dead.

Obama's Love of Self

This is a situation where Obama, being born in Kenya, obviously

is aware of jiggers and does nothing. He's to busy kissing up to

terrorist's to see past his nose and living up to his ideals

which are no more than a narcissistic view of himself. I

feel for these people but there is no money in it so no one

will actually help someone that really needs help.

There is only a handful of caring Dr's. that actually goes

out of their way to help these poor people.

I am sorry our Government is so greedy and selfish

it gets in their way. Obama can talk all over the place

about Global Warming but where he needs to speak

he won't. The only time he has spoke to America about

anything on the tube, it has turned out to be a lie or a

slap in the face to the Middle Class.


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