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Obesity in America it the serving size

Updated on July 22, 2014

Make it a large coke and ....

Americans eat even if they are not hungry!
Americans eat even if they are not hungry!

Are you eating too much?

Back when I was growing up, I can still hear the words ringing in my ears from my dad ...take as much as you want ...but eat as much as you take. And from my mom these famous words that I’m sure a lot of your readers can remember...“eat all the food on your plate and don’t throw food away because there’s starving kids in China.”

Well according to recent polls...

....there are as many overfed, overweight people in the world as those underfed and underweight. Where is the balance?

In the poor third world countries ...people are starving because of lack of food the more advanced countries ...people are starving at the cellular level because of lack of adequate nutrition, but are overweight because of the types of foods eaten and the amount of these foods eaten where’s the balance ...could part of the problem with the obesity pandemic be:

  • the serving size?
  • the typical western diet?
  • the consumption of processed food?
  • the snack food loaded with sugar?
  • lifestyles associated with fast foods?
  • lifestyles associated with lack of activity and exercise?
  • is it hormonal it in our DNA?
  • is it slow metabolism?

One thing is for sure...

...mathematics don’t lie. 150 + 150 = 300. And that is a fact. And as far as I’ve been taught... 150 + 150 = 300 will always be a fact ...with that said; there are 3500 calories in one pound. If you consume 3500 more calories than your body can burn will gain one pound of body weight’s mathematics!

To answer the question ...could part of the obesity problem in America be the serving size? Most people have no idea what a single serving size is ...let’s look at some of the single serving sizes then and now.

In 1970...

...the percentage of Americans who were obese was roughly 15%. The percentage today is roughly 35%. Could serving size have something to do with it?

Check this out! In 1954...

...a Burger King hamburger was 2.8 oz with 200 calories. In 2005 Burger King hamburger was 4.3 oz with 310 calories.

In 1955...

...MacDonald's french fry was 2.4oz with 210 calories. In 2005 MacDonald's french fries was 610 calories.

If you don't think you can live without soda or coke this!

In 1916 a Coca Cola was 6.5oz with 79 calories. In 2005 a Coca Cola was 16 fluid oz with 194 calories you can even super-size your order and get a Coca Cola 24 oz drink you see a pattern here? Could it be that size does matter?

Lets follow mathematics a step further...

...let’s say your body weight is 150 pounds and your daily activity stays the same. And you add just one glass of apple juice or any juice for that matter your meal everyday. At the end of one year you would have gain an extra 10 pounds ...Hmmmm, size does matter!!

A better choice would be replace the glass of juice with a glass of fresh clean filtered water with 2-4 ounces of the “best tasting aloe” everyday ...know your supplier.

What is your feeling on this subject?

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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Colonial82 ...I do agree with you and the education and culture change is not in the near future. And if it is ...with the money problems in this country, the cost of good clean food that will help people physically is beyond their (the poverty level and shrinking middle class) financial reach.

      Organic, clean, basic food is where everyone needs to start. "Back to the basics!"

      Welcome Colonial82 to HubPages and thank you for your interest in my article and your great comment ...please come by again! My best to your health!!

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Timstown ...I have to totally agree with your comment. I believe one of the compound problems is that families are struggling to keep their heads above water (money), that both of the parents in the family are working and everyone is hungry and tired at the end of the day the quick meal is the answer for them. You know the kind of meals ...instant, in a box, or drive through fast food.

      Thank you Timstown for your comment ...I appreciate your opinion. My best to your health!

    • Timstown profile image


      8 years ago from New Jersey

      The serving size is definitely a problem. A big part of the problem, though, is, like you said, Americans are eating foods with too many calories but inadequate nutrition. If most of us were eating more nutritious and filling foods, we'd probably cut down on our serving sizes naturally. So... perhaps the problem is actually our overabundance of non-nutrient dense foods. I think we as a country need to start moving back towards a whole food diet. And what are most of these non-nutrient dense foods? Processed foods. So.. perhaps if you really broke it down you'd find that the problem stems from the growth of processed foods.

    • colonial82 profile image


      8 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you for the interesting Hub, I am new to Hubpages and I came across your interesting article. Thank you for the interesting read and I personally do believe serving size has a lot to do with the problem, but it has to be a culture change for us as a country to get better.

      Have a great day and thank you again :)


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