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Wake up call for obese people!

Updated on October 6, 2015

Apparently obesity, excess fat, and being overnight is a major and growing problem in the world. You don't realize the extent of the problem until you see it and hits you in the eye, flesh slobbering all over the place.

Statistics are alarming, and many medical experts see it as a major health problem in the world that could lead to medical deaths, many diseases and even death. Figures by the World Health Organization state in 2008 half a billion around the world were obese, and 1.4 billion adults were considered overweight.

I was recently on a resort where I saw obesity in action, human juggernauts moving in style and grace. It wasn't the exception but getting likely to be the rule, and with that, it was always more women than men as if it is the female sex who carried the problem of obesity which is of course not true.

I joked later in this place you could get skinny women of around 60 kilos and others of 170 kilos carrying all that excess fat as they sauntered across the lobbies in tight wear which made them look more glaring without a care in the world. It was a holiday to enjoy and kick the hell out of the body politics. Drinks were sloshed down and light snacks in between swims.

It has always been the case that being overweight and obese was the result of changing lifestyles, of not moving around, having the car and general lethargic state. This is of course couple with the fact of incredible eating habits with junk food being one of them—the disease of modern living based on too much of everything.

Unfortunately food and drink has become our life’s delight and it stares at you in the dining room of any mass hotel or eatery where to use a figure of speech “you have a million thing of everything” from starters, main dishes to high calorie sweets, and to laugh it all with healthy fruits. This is not forgetting the types and varieties of bread, bagels, cookies, butter, jam and creams, the endless other varieties, and of course the soups.

It’s a food culture, seeing it laid out in front of you in a form of conveyor-like style, it’s tempting to take bits and pieces, bits and pieces so the plate starts flowing with food glorious food. And there is the cups of teas and coffees not to mention the glass or two of wine, a rather more plush, civilized way than having a beer or a whisky on the table.

How can the body takes such excess, this is morning (breakfast), noon (lunch) and night (dinner) and there is even late snack at night, on a day-in-day-out basis, a bit like following a health regime, but this one is in eating.

We are driven by systems that forces to adopt such styles, daily attacking our bodies through simple but can-be deadly pleasures, without realizing the deleterious effects. Again WHO statistics show each year around 8 million people die of diseases related to being obese or overweight, and the problem is not going to go away.


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    • JSParker profile image

      JSParker 5 years ago from Detroit, Michigan

      It takes constant diligence for me to even maintain my weight, and I'm working at losing 30 extra pounds. You are so right, we are surrounded by too much food stimuli. I read your piece to strengthen my resolve. Thanks!