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Obesity ... Straight Answers, And Solutions

Updated on March 19, 2011

When Enough is Enough! Your Ready to Try Something New

Obesity is neither a choice, nor a disease. It is also the secondary by-product of depression,they go hand in hand. Where it's starts is the lack of chemical balance, leading to chemically induced depression. Blossoming into a full blown case of depression, in turn creating the perfect environment for obesity. Escalating from there into many other aspects of health problems.

Obesity is not something one would voluntarily choose. It's the result of a darkness entering ones light. It spreads if left unattended, and will not be ignored. The larger you grow, the more manic it becomes, finally assimilating ones entire being into it. It's the equivalent of being sucked into a big black hole of nothingness. Never being able to see the end of the darkness, in order to reach out for help.

People when trapped in this whirlpool of dark emotions, are so consumed by the realm itself, they cannot see past it. It's "so" overwhelming, and instills such feelings of sheer trepidation that they cocoon into a very isolated existence. In a measurable scale it would be the deepest sadness one could feel. It's a very lonely, dark place, that has only room for one.

Our bodies were not made to carry this excess weight. Our hearts cannot handle the excess tax. This is the direct result of the original lack of chemical balance that started the downward spiral. When the environment is appropriate for the lack of balance to gain strength, inevitably you will see the end result of chronic, or manic depression. What degree it formulates into, depends on the extreme of the chemical balance, and what calculations it equates to. Your "numbers" are off?...Then your "body" is off...period.

There is no such thing as a "Diet"!

All diets omit very important nutrients, in order to accomplish something quickly, so they can sell you their product. Should your life revolve around their marketing scheme? Should you be able to readily have all facts available, so you can actually make an intelligent decision about which way to go. Sure bombarding people with commercial after commercial on how fat the world is, may get you to bite, but what if they actually told you the truth instead? What would happen then?

The fact is obesity, depression, poor health, tiredness, headaches, stomach problems, heart burn, allergies, migraines, bowel problems, and so much more can be eradicated in a matter of days with vitamins, supplements, herbs, and more. It is the best, and easiest answer for all people to get a grip on their own health, and stay in control. Putting the mainstream focus on getting healthy, not losing weight. It's never been about dieting, and losing weight, and always been about just plain good health.

Let's take this to the extreme. I have now accepted you as my case to coach you back to good health. We will not be focusing on your over weight issues. Our area of concentration will be on your physical, mental, and emotional health status. This is what is immediately manipulated through supplements, setting the forum, and environment for the newly adopted habits, and rules for your new body...your temple.

I would then go through all your cupboards, and throw anything away that I myself wouldn't eat. Which would include: All foods with any kind of chemicals, Anything with MSG, Hydrolyzed, or artificial flavor, All products with ingredients you can't pronounce, All Cheap junk foods, (2 for 1, 4 for a dollar specials, etc), all candy, snack foods, chips, cheese doodles, doritos, etc.

For a period of 3 months, you will eliminate all animal products, all sugar, all fake sugar, and all dairy. You will eat only raw fruits, and vegetables, with whole grain breads, or flat breads with no yeast, (if prone to yeast infections). This means no meat, no pork, no sugar of any kind. No fast food. The correction period takes 3-6 months, to adopt new habits, and conquer the old ones. It's when one wakes from a daze, and realizes. "Oh, I was doing this all wrong". Simple, and cost effective to fix permanently.

This is an elimination list. A list of what you will no longer be eating, because you feel it "wiser" to put only quality foods into your body. It is your desire to function at your optimum level of ability, and capacity. Inevitably your wish to live a very long, and fruitful life, free of pain, and sadness. What you will allow to enter your body will be what your new life will revolve around, mainly until you're used to it. Then it becomes natural, and well respected. Now you will advance...the seed is planted. Water it!

You will begin to detoxify immediately. Eating only fruits, vegetables, vegetable soups, whole grains, pasta, and lot's of Herbal Tea! Hot tea 24/7, no cold liquids at all, room temperature distilled water only. Drink nothing else. Use it for the Tea as well. Other water has constituents that you already have with the vitamins, and supplements.

You will now choose to set the record straight, and turn this around, by manipulating your inner being to be reflected on the outside too. You will now be empowered to show the world you "are" going to flip this whole thing around right now. You've already put the "thought" into motion, and it's moving forward right now. Welcoming all challenges that come into the path, for the strength you have gained will conquer anything along the journey.

The most beneficial thing to do is constantly remind yourself you are doing great! Every effort you make is great, and don't stop to count the results. I have never owned a scale, to weigh myself. There's no need for it. It indicates you are putting way too much concentration on what you weigh, and not how you got there. The issue really is about the steps one took to reach this level. Good or bad, it's decisions that lead us astray. All humans need guidance, one person can never know everything. We are humans...and we are to be humbled by the vastness, and greatness of our "being", always learning as we go, and never fast enough.

My true belief on Obesity is this. I feel it is extremely dangerous to remain obese. I feel it is a matter of life, and death to immediately turn it around now, not!

I feel that with the U.S. spending $39 Billion Dollars annually to treat the chronic health problems related to obesity is alarming to say the least. It has affected my life directly, and I feel compelled to help, I am merely information relay.

Here is the best, non invasive way to halt obesity, and never allow it to return. Never! The least invasive surgical procedure, (that I feel is the last choice, but still very beneficial is wiring the jaw for 6 months to a year). It is my choice of extremes, if necessary. I am confident most can manage these simple life changes to accomplish the same thing. It's your "thought", that equals your "choice". Using a blender and juicer, with tea all the time! (With liquid vitamins, and supplements).

At the same time you will also be correcting all the health problems that go along with obesity, depression, and lack of ability to function. These are secondary to the actual main issue, of depression/obesity. They go hand in hand, and thrive on each other...misery loves company.

You will buy: "The Prescription For Nutritional Healing"...The Nutrition Bible. You are now going to follow it to the letter in buying the list of supplements needed, listed under depression, and or obesity. You'll find many of the same ingredients are listed in a host of different ailments. (Please see "Causes Of Depression" Article. It lists the main nutrients needed to start with).

This is "Your Life"...I'm going to tell you how to get it back...You "can" still do everything, and anything you so desire. You will no longer acknowledge the negative feelings, thoughts, and status of health you're in. A new path has been forged that you are now choosing to follow. The one that was meant for you, but with all the different choices of paths to follow, you hadn't found "The One" yet. Now you are here, the correct path is before you, and you gain relief walking upon it. Finally you have arrived at the right path, with some rock solid answers waiting for you to absorb, and apply.

Real simple, cut and dry straight to the point, solutions to the problems. Through focusing strictly on balancing, improving, and completeness of nutrients, coupled with particular can completely change your physical, mental, and emotional status inside of 20 minutes or less. I know, because I do it on a daily basis for over 25 years now...religiously. It's the "Food Of Life".

I am alive today because of it...Nutrition saved my life. It pulled me right out of a near death status of extremely poor health, from countless drugs, and horrible things they did to me. Nerve blocks in my neck, which made the whole side of my body numb. I had to be carried out each time. I had many horrible experiences with the medical industry.

The point to all of this is, I lived a dying life, and at times the pain was so bad, and I was depressed from all the medication, no chemical balance, no nutrients, etc., "I would've rather been dead" emotions, and feelings entered my thought process. Totally chemically induced, and intensified by the "lack of" everything. Deprivation of the host body for years.

I literally flipped it around inside of 7 days exactly. Three months later, I lost 22 pounds of "puffiness" from all the medication I was on, (which by the way is Petroleum based, and gets trapped in your fat cells, in your body). I was slowly ballooning from the toxicity levels within, wreaking havoc on my entire body. Then... I felt I had studied enough to make the switch. I went to a nutritionist with a list written out, and said to him, "This is what I think...Tell me if I'm right". He did confirm I was right, and also offered me particular green, and supplemental drinks to improve , and speed up the increase in my immunity. That was in 1992, I am now 43, low pain margin, great attitude, and I'm the same weight I've always been. Incredibly happy to be alive. Words cannot describe.

I just stopped all the medicine, and went at lightning speed right to Nutrition. Nature is the answer, and the preventative results are far more rewarding that one ever imagined. The abilities you are able to develop when functioning at optimum capacity is utterly stunning. The accurate firing of brain cells leading to markedly more intelligent decisions is prominent. The levels of energy, and clarity of depth, and perspective are expanded. You become aware of things, you never noticed before, while being busy being depressed, or preoccupied. You will now eat only what will logically work, and improve your bodies functioning ability. You will no longer succumb to marketing, and advertising in the media to guide your eating habits. You will make the ultimate choice as to what you will "Allow" into your body.

Being that 90% of the population believes there is a Higher Power. Let's say, that "Poor Health" of any kind, including obesity, and depression is the evil. The Nutrition is your savior, and allows you to freely receive it. The companies looking to make all the money from you are interested in the profit...period. The media helps spread the word to the consumers, in turn "involuntarily influencing you" to buy their product, because you've now heard their TV commercial, or Radio commercial, etc., three times or more. It's now imprinted on your brain, and it is now going to come up in the "What do I want" Selection list, the next time you shop.

You will be replacing those habits of allowing "outside" interference, and manipulation to continue. Now the only one who will decide what enters your body, is you. Each time anything goes into your body , you will closely pay attention to how you feel afterwards. Making an engraved mental note for future reference. One you will be referencing upon frequently.

You have made the choice to jump over to the "Flip Side" of things now, and take this to the next level of insurmountable proportions. A new Plateau of who you are, and "Whom" you will become. Keeping in mind...There is only one you, and the correct path must be chosen in order for you to fulfill your purpose. The starting point is you, your health, your mental state, and you optimum level of abilities. How far it will go, and totally up to you. Treat it as the most precious gem of gifts ever given to you...and guard it with your life!

It's critical you leave the mark on this planet, you were meant to leave. Otherwise you are literally altering history...All of history, and the world is waiting to share in your greatness of purpose, as to whom you were originally destined to become.

Your Destiny...the "True" destiny awaits you, your power is within you, the nutrients are down the road, and the New Path is refreshing, and stimulating. "Your Choice" is Life!

You now love yourself, allowing others now to love you too. This is how it is meant to be!

Your back, and ready to go! Wear "Your Smile", (permanently plant it upon your face)...where ever you go...It has very interesting affects on your overall well being. :) Transformation begins now...that's the "real" choice! Design who you "really" are.


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    • Nan Mynatt profile image

      Nan Mynatt 

      7 years ago from Illinois

      Good analysis for obsese, and I marked you up on this one. The government is paying for illiness that were induced from obsese. Depression is a key factor, and it will set in. I am doing something about being overweight and am going to make money at the same time: check it out. and check out:

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from The Island

      I would ask that you afford me the opportunity to relay what I have learned in my own words with some appreciation of the effort I make to help people.

      My personal thought on meat isn't safe. I tend to sway away from slashing and bashing particular industries that produce things I would never consider eating. I feel that people are in grave danger with a host of things that are wrong with meat, and various other foods. I am not going to be the one to race over to the cow farms to film them abusing the animals.

      I merely write about what I've learned in my travels, and studies of nutrition. As far as my opinion, I feel eating meat was not supposed to happen, they are part of the eco system: To chew the cud, and plant the seeds. That was their main function until man decided otherwise.

      Your statement of: "Still enjoy meat like a man"...I'm wondering why you felt it important to identify meat with being a man. I think you may have proven Mike's Point at ....I think he expooses things about meat quite well. Much better than me. :)

      Here's a fact for you: I've yet to meet an obese person who is not depressed. No situation is the same, nor are each idividuals health factors. Every one is different, therefore those differences are factors in a total evaluation.

      I would ask you why did you become over weight in the first place, that is a risk I would not have taken. Your body cannot function properly being over weight, period. If necessary I could certainly prove that.

      If I were to evaluate your health, from a Nutrition Coaching stand point, the fact that you do eat meat will certainly be a part of my report, and implementation of correcting issues which may be present. I procede through mathematics, facts, and chemical balance.

      I saved my own life strictly through "Correct Nutrition", I say that very firmly, and cannot be swayed otherwise. Why? Because I am alive. I have never been obese, and still wear many of the same clothes I own from 10 years ago and more. Because of Actual Nutrition that is correct for the human body, I was allowed to live to tell.

      I was also the Top of my kick class in Karate, and my best friend is a triple black belt.

      Thank you for your comments, and it's not about Diet...It's about Health.

      Take care, and be well! :)

    • RickyDLV profile image


      9 years ago from USA and occasionally other countries.

      Wow, I have trained myself and others to earn their black belt. I am currently a wellness consultant, and while some obesity can be tied to depression it is not the one and only. Addiction, bad parenting, habits, lack of education, etc. Sure anyone on a diet of friuts and veggies will lose some weight. The more concentrated the nutrition and fiber, the more you can eat and still lose weight. To make it a life style CHOICE, it has to be a education process. And, one size does not fit all.

      I have used a nutritional cleansing (and still enjoy meat like a man). I have lost 45 pounds in 10 weeks. My wife is very close, she has lost 39 pounds. Having mega nutrition for one or two meals a day and still free to eat (within reasonable proportions) a burger. It is so much easier than to go all out against our genetic code to eat only vegan.

      PI2500 here is one of those before and afters you asked for

      Be Well

    • privateye2500 profile image


      9 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      OK - where are the photos of the fat people....

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Thank You!

      I'm thankful to be here to talk about it. I try to write about things in a positive way, as best I can. Let's face it, we're all pondering things that could easily send us right into depression. I feel if your hearts pumping, and you're breathing air, then get up and fight. The ammo is out there to beat just about anything. If you think about it any other way...then you've already given up your power, and defeated youself. That's "Depression". "Choosing" not to allow depression to take over your life really is just a thought away.

      I hope all is well with you now! Please reach out, if I can ever be of help.



    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S Jain 

      10 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      Well, i put in 25 kgs in 4 months when i went into depression. Putting on weight had been so easy but after that when i tried to reduce i found it extremely difficult.

      Good Article!


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