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Objex by Alicia Evans, Inc.: My Favorite Sports Bra!

Updated on May 14, 2012

Objex by Alicia Evans, Inc.

Objex by Alicia Evans, Inc.
Objex by Alicia Evans, Inc. | Source

Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing sports bras.

Continue to read if you...

  • work out.
  • don’t like to carry things when you run, walk or bike.
  • listen to music when you run and are fed up with your arm band.
  • don’t work out, but still don’t like carrying things.
  • aren’t any of those things.

Find out why Objex by Alicia Evans, Inc. is new my new favorite sports bra.

Starting a Running Habit

I ran every day with 2 of my sisters the summer before 8th grade. My older sister was getting ready for high school volleyball and doing her summer workout. I was along for the run. I have run ever since.

I played volleyball thru high school and college. Every summer, I religiously completed my summer work outs, always including distance running. 99% of my runs started from my parent’s house. I didn’t need to carry anything.

When I got to college, we had to carry our ID or we could not get back into our college dorm. Putting my ID in my waist band meant it might fall out during the run. Hiding it really wasn’t a safe option. I started putting it in my bra.

Running Necessities: My Ipod, Garmin, Good Shoes, Objex Bra!

Running Necessities: My Ipod, Garmin, Good Shoes, Objex Bra
Running Necessities: My Ipod, Garmin, Good Shoes, Objex Bra | Source

Where To Put Your School ID When You Run?

I found that putting my ID in my sports bra, where my cleavage, should be resulted in never losing my ID, but it was always kind of gross. I could deal with washing it off. I could not deal with having to wait in line and get another ID if I lost this one.

Where To Put Your Keys When You Run?

After graduation, I still enjoyed running. After work, I would head to a park for a long run or walk. Now the question was, where do you put your car keys? I refused to carry my keys. I seriously dislike holding anything when I run. I would take my car key off the chain and tie it into my shoe laces. I never stuck my key in my bra! But again, I had to find someplace to put something when I ran.

Holding Music When Your Run

Because of my disdain for holding things, I never ran with music. I would rather run to birds chirping or the sound of traffic before I had to carry a Walkman. Yes, I am dating myself. Those things weren’t light and which hand do you even hold it in? Do you alternate? It was more than I wanted to deal with.

Running With Music

The invention of the MP3 player is when I joined in on the long established trend of running with music. But again, I refused to hold my MP3 player. I looked at what other people were using to carry their music. I tried the arm band and didn’t love it. I tried the fanny pack and thought maybe I could love the arm band.

Then I decided to stick the MP3 player back in my sports bra. I was not thrilled because my MP3 player was flopping all over the place and ended up sweaty. Somehow though, this became better in my mind than wearing or holding the player.

Water Damaged Itouch

My first ipod was an Itouch. I never had the little shuffle that I have seen people clip on clothes. I loved running with my touch and yes, it still went in my bra when I ran. Then, my itouch stopped working. I took it to the Apple store. Water damage! I said to the Apple guy, “I haven’t spilled anything on it. Honest!” He said, “Well, there is corrosion from water damage.” I got to buy a new Itouch as it was out of warranty, of course.

Running With The Arm Band

I still ran with my Itouch but I stuck it back in my arm band and tolerated it. It was not getting wet. I didn’t like the earphones attaching to something on my arm and I think I held my shoulders funny when I wore the arm band.

Then I saw an offer on According to, “We are the invitation-only destination for a life of style.” We are, “A place where they discover some of the most sought-after brands in fashion, accessories, footwear, home, travel, wine, gourmet food, local services, and more.”

I had noticed a Ruelala deal for by Alicia Evans, Inc. My problems were solved! According to the website, it would “Give your workout a hands free upgrade with sports bras and camis with an inside pocket for all of your objexs.” I bought the deal immediately.

It gave me $20 off any purchase from this site. They had sports bras with pouches built in for your ipod, itouch, iphone, keys, etc. I was psyched!

There are currently Sports bras in 7 colors ($40), Padded Sports Bra With Racer Back in 2 colors ($45), Thin strap camis in 5 colors ($32) and wide strap camis in 5 colors ($34). Sizes range from XS (30-32) to 2XL (40-42). I chose the sports bra and placed my order. It arrived quickly in a very decorative bag with a drawstring. I was so excited. I put it on and went for a run.

Objex Sports Bra

Back of My Objex Sports Bra by Alicia Evans, Inc.
Back of My Objex Sports Bra by Alicia Evans, Inc. | Source

My First Run With Objex

I was pleased because my Itouch fit perfectly. It never shifted during my run. When the run was complete, my Itouch was not sweaty. I was ecstatic. My problem was solved.

I have had my sports bra for over a year and it has continued to wash up wonderfully. There have been no signs of stretching or losing its elasticity. This is still my favorite sports bra.

My Interview With Wicki Barszcz

I wanted to know more about Objex.

Wicki Barszcz is the genius behind my new favorite running mate! Wicki named her company, Alicia Evans, Inc. after her children and is located out of Visalia, CA.

I asked Wicki how she came up with this idea. I wondered if she had the same issue I had. She laughed because she had exactly the same issues. She used to tie her car key to her shoestring but it always fell off. She recalls having to go back and look for it. She used to put her ipod in her sports bra, too, and killed it from sweat. Unlike me, Wicki said that she additionally needed a sports bra with extra support. Instead of getting her ipod sweaty or needing to wear two sports bras, she created one bra that addressed all the issues.

Wicki confirmed that sales are doing great and she is very pleased with the ‘hit’ she has created. She is marketing her product online, at marathon expos and street fairs along with boutiques and gyms. They are hoping to break into the retail store arena.

Currently they accept the following forms of online payment: paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Wicki also mentioned that they are proud to be able to manufacture all of their product line in the USA!

New Styles Have Arrived: Padded Sports Bras announced their new ,"Padded sports bra made out of heavy nylon/spandex with moleskin which is known for it's strength and durability plus wicks away moisture and breaths. Wide straps and racerback provide ultimate support. Designed for high impact activities"

At this moment, they do not have a design allowing you to ‘see’ your music as the Objex pouch is enclosed. However, this is something they are considering. She said they always remain very open to the feedback of their clients and try to use that feedback when creating new designs.

Objex Fits Iphone!

There are all sorts of smart phones that people carry or use while they run. I was curious if they had any issues with any not fitting in the objex pouch? Wicki confirmed that the iphone fits perfectly. They have yet to come across a phone that won’t fit in the pocket.

Supportive Sport Bras?

Not everyone is built the same. I had no issues with the level of support from the sports bra I chose, but what about her bustier clientele. Wicki confirmed that the bras are designed for medium to high impact support.


I am not trying to sell you anything, but I am encouraging you to check out If you are like me and don’t like to hold keys, phones or music while you run or walk, Wicki’s product might benefit you as well. Make sure to put in the coupon code objex25 to get 25% off your order. If you try it out, let me know what you think!

I am a huge fan! Hope you become one, too!

© 2012 Karen Lackey


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