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Observed Effects

Updated on October 22, 2013

The Observed Effect

Volume 4, Issue 8, October 22, 2013

The neurological dynamics of the mind-brain are continually changing during the human being’s evolutionary changes from pregnancy to adulthood. No one knows for sure just what actually causes the brain to develop and from where it is actually derived in the evolutionary aspect. What is profound is that it grows on a level randomly with integrated routine actions and those actions that the mind recognizes or assumes that it is already knowledgeable about. Causal factors like fear, urges, reflection, responses, and impulses can be attributable to the change in whether the neural structure like molecules, ions, and neurological transmissions will fire off and be recorded into our memory banks and inevitably become neural pathways in the mind-brain.

The fact that in order for the mind to stay lucid, and have plasticity, we must continually engage ourselves actively with the brain or mind in activity, or events, whether it be a reaction or response to the dynamics or behaviors we are engaged in.

What is really profound and is quite frankly the ultimate determining factor is that in the present of what our mind-brain’s engage in, to make changes and frankly grow more neural pathways are our observations and is where our mind-brain is activated. What we see is dramatic in what we perceive in vision and frankly plays a pivotal role in how the brain forms, functions, and grows. Even more profound is the fact that we must also be in a state of mindfulness in our conscious state in order to acquire this neural pathway in our mind-brain. It is a primary factor in our conscious state of mind.

In an earlier series, called, Neurogenesis ( we spoke about the fact that the mind-brain is affected in the Hippocampus of the cerebral cortex. In addition to the fact that the Hippocampus is affected and produces new cell growth the central nervous system is also impacted by everything that occurs in the mind-brain. For the most part the mind-brain is affected and is moved by responses and it is verifiable in the pre-frontal functions of the mind-brain. The mental capacity of the changes evolutionary in its respect to growth the human brain is ever-changing, if it remains active ( ([p.15]).

We also established that not only is physics, biology, quantum physics, and quantum mechanics are intertwined with the framework and theory of the mind-brain, because of the laws of physics and the properties of the nature and science of the neural system. Although, we do not relate each separately, together we can see the inter-relationship of the dynamics and theories of the sciences taking into account the characteristics, behaviors, motions, sciences, and mathematics of the theories. It seems impossible to separate them; but we did in past history and classical theory [p.23-24].

Actually, just like the human body and mind-brain have evolved, so has the sciences and now are more integrated with quantum physics and quantum theory of neurology. So what was the primary factor that changed the course of theory in neurology? It was “observation,” or seeing what was taking our neurological pathways on actionable highway.

The following is a quote taken from the ( website and Pdf; that Quantum theory must be used in principle because the behavior of the brain depends sensitively upon the atomic, molecular, and ionic processes, and these processes in the brain often involve quantum effects [p.38]. Primarily, observation of events in the conscious state of mind, in order to be quantitative and confirmed.

Another fascinating fact is that not only is the body driven by the metabolism, but of chemical compounds in amino-acids and calcium which are visible in neuron-transmitters and in the vesicles of the molecules, especially when it is fired off [p.39].

So we must state for a fact that the mind-brain is active and growing continually when the person is actively engaged in using the brain continually and it does not lose its plasticity unless it is not engaged continually throughout the lifetime of the human being. So if I stay away from reading books, which could be a possible factor in the plasticity of my mind-brain being reduced, because it is not continually, engaged in learning or taking in more routine behaviors in my neural pathways.


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