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Oh, my aching back. What to do now.

Updated on May 4, 2015

A few simple lifestyle changes may help you ditch the pain

Offender number 1. Your smartphone, iPad or laptop

At home or at work I find myself hovered over my iPad. If you are out at a restaurant and look around at all the humans around you, what do you observe? Almost everyone is hunched over staring at their devices. When your head is in a downward position, your neck muscles get strained and tend to radiate down to your low back. Try to take frequent breaks and look straight ahead. If you can strench your neck side to side. Buy a stand to position you iPad at a better angle.

Offender Number 2. The wrong shoes

Do you just love to prance around in a cute pair of stilettos? As sexy as they are, your foot strikes the ground in a toe-forward motion rather than the correct heel-toe gait. Wearing high heels also distributes your weight unevenly over your body.

Also, backless shoes or foot flops allow your foot to slide around. Again, the lack of stability distributes your body weight unevenly putting more pressure on your spine.

Lastly, going barefoot or shoeless is the worst thing you can do!

Offender number 3 Carrying extra pounds

Having extra weight in your middle section, due to obesity or pregnancy may tilt your pelvis forward and put your spine out of alignment. This will cause excessive strain in your back.

if weight gain is the culprit try making whole grains your essential plan for healthy eating, Avoid sodas and processed foods. Eat more vegetables, fruits and raw nuts.

Remember to to stretch daily. Especially after workouts.

Offender Number 4 The wrong bra

Research shows most women wear the wrong size bra. Take the time to be fitted by a professional. I was so embarrassed to go. I waited and waited and kept putting it off. So one day, I was in Soma at the mall and the kind lady asked if I want to check and see if I was wearing the correct size bra. I agreed reluctantly. Guess what, I wasn't. I was really off. I am so glad I finally was measured. My cup size was wrong and so was my under the breast measurement. ThanI you Soma! They have knowledgeable staff that is also friendly and wonderful products. I finally have the support I need without feeling choked. When you have correct size you can actually look thinner, breathe better and eliviate back pain. Another suggestion for correcting posture, a razorback bra is very helpful with the criss-crossed back it tends to keep your posture upright.

Dr. Oz 60 second back pain

Back pain busters

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Old ways  
New ways  
Physical therapy
Bed rest
Prescription drugs
Hands on care

In Summary

Do not let these everyday offenders ruin you lifestyle. Be mindful of your posture and eat healthy, stretch after exercise and wear supportive shoes and bras. These small changes will make a huge difference.

Try yoga for back pain


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